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  1. I recently bought this lens (again), this time it works perfect. Really like the output! Here are some Pics taken at the US Car Convention in Dresden US Car Convention Dresden 2017 by Fabian J., auf Flickr US Car Convention Dresden 2017 by Fabian J., auf Flickr US Car Convention Dresden 2017 by Fabian J., auf Flickr
  2. I went to England few weeks ago, we had sunshine for nearly the whole Journey of three weeks :-) only the last 2 days were rainy. I guess we had luck! Beautiful country... need to sort the pictures and will share them soon.
  3. You can still check your histogram so you will see blown out highlights. And the raw files have enough data to change both highlights and shadows if you need to.
  4. No they don't fit on the X-T20. Have you tried changing the brightness of the evf? The auto function is often too dark in the bright sunlight. Iam fine with changing the brightness via the q menu and maybe holding my left hand to have a better view.
  5. Good sumup! I'm also coming from the X-T10. I noticed some other minor differences. For example the shutter button is easier to click on the X-T20 and the back buttons make some more noise wenn clicking, but nothing annoying. High ISO performance is visible better, but that's nothing new due to the same sensor as the bigger brothers. As you mentioned, the missing Fn Button and the mother programmable front wheel is frustrating, especially when coming from the X-T10. I hardly need to change the exposure by more than 3 so this function is kinda useless for me. The touchscreen is handy but scrolling through pictures is easier on any smartphone, you have to swipe longer with your finger to make the next picture appear. Could be changed view kaizen though... The autofocus is great! I didn't have much time to test the Af-c performance though. And Acros is awesome! And one little thing, the playback button on my example is slightly crooked but who cares...
  6. Interesting to know! I only have a X-T10 by now but what about shooting raw+jpeg? It is so easy to adjust the exposure if you need to and go on with the jpeg.
  7. Not really... The glue lost against the grippy rubber surface
  8. I did send in my X-T10 because the rubber on the left side came off propably because of pulling it out of my small carry around bag. Lets wait how Fuji will handle this, the camera is about one and a half year old... Time to clean lenses!
  9. Good news. I didn't expect it to be weather resistant or have dual cards Slot and don't care about 4k... The point of Joystick or Touchscreen made me think about it but i would prefer the Touchscreen. I have no problem with moving the focus points via the D Pad on my X-T10 and was very disappointed by the lag time between moving the Joystick and the actual movement of the focus point (as others noticed as well in the forum) when i tried the X-T2 in my local camera store. Just the ability of quickly checking focus or scrolling through Images with the fingers sounds good. Another reason beside the price tag that makes me wait for the X-T20 and not buy the X-T2 is the built in Flash. I'm not a pro and don't want to carry a flash around me all the time, I often had situations were I was glad to just pop up that little thing and although it is not that powerful it really did the job well.
  10. Hey Guys, Just want to tell you that the seller of my lens will give me a refund (full price 430€) because they don't have any lenses in stock right now. So I guess i will search for a used 35 1.4 Fuji for that price.. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Yeah I agree. You dont have to change the focus that often. But when, I found it very hard to focus precisely on friends setting opposite to me with the samyang at f2 in a dark Restaurant last weekend (not because of the stiff ring but with checking the focus peaking on the evf/LCD). Guess it is best used outdoors with smaller apertures, it will have its time on a england trip next year... But back to the Mitakon, I will post some more once I received a good working sample..
  12. Thanks for your advice. I will return it, and once they checked it they will send me a new one. I decided to keep this lens, did some shooting the last days and it is fun to use, my Manual focusing skills grow and the Focus ring is very good to use. Just received the samyang 12mm, also great but the focus ring is very stiff...
  13. Thanks very much for your replies! Respect, did you disassemble it just for fun? :-) My lens came already with this issue. I can count 9 aperture blades but one is really odd... I'm still in concact with the shop, but I agree that they have to return it. Handling is kind of strange because it behaves opposite to the Fuji lenses. I knew that the aperture ring is on the front but also the focus ring works in the opposite direction. Not a big issue but i have to get used to it. I'm a bit dissappointed that the 0.95 doesn't make a big differerence compared to 1.4 on the 23mm and I am thinking about whether the Fuji 35 1.4 is a better option for me... Here is a sample shot with the mitakon @ 0.95 1/60, ISO 2500 https://www.amazon.de/clouddrive/share/ZUYqcoI4vp65lhCv5UKxqc3VIpvASWyKbbzI5TqBrei?v=grid&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy and here is the 23mm 1.4 @ 1.4 1/60 ISO 3200 https://www.amazon.de/clouddrive/share/v8M4Ta34u5gMeNkxNSMxj8lKln4VtplHsR1d57dycBR?v=grid&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  14. Hey Guys, thanks very much for this topic and all the samples and reviews, especially to you, yukosteel! I just received my copy of the version II of this lens. Unfortunately the aperture blades are VERY asymetric... So I contacted the online shop (www.eglobalcentral.de) to return it and get a new one. Let's see what they say, hope they will send me a better one. I have some samples attached, and I'm interested to hear your opionion! So far the lens works good, but you can clearly see the asymmetric aperture blades in the bokeh.. Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 ver II by Fabian J., auf Flickr Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 ver II by Fabian J., auf Flickr Bokeh sample: Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 ver II by Fabian J., auf Flickr and just fur fun, the 23mm1.4: 23mm 1.4 sample by Fabian J., auf Flickr thanks for your replies!
  15. this is Dresden, Germany: B6 by Fabian J., auf Flickr Theaterkahn Dresden by Fabian J., auf Flickr Rosis by Fabian J., auf Flickr Face to face by Fabian J., auf Flickr
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