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  1. Ever since I started using manual lens on my fuji-x I've been wanting to experiment with more manual vintage lens. Focal reducer caught my attention and am in the process of learning about different lens mount. I am trying to figure out the most versatile mount to get in order that I can adapt different lens to in the future. So in case for classic manual lens would the Canon FD mount bet the most versatile? Thank you!
  2. Question for all the stage and theater shooters out there. I've been using my XT2 and 18-55 to shot my theater work and am thinking about getting the 16-55. Will it be worth it? Seeing that the 16-55 will not have OIS and the 18-55 does. My typical stage shots are set to 1/60s-1/120s at iso1600 or 800 if I am lucky with the lights, and the 18-55 usually wide opened. Am I going to get any sharpness advantage with the 16-55? Yes, I can get the new XH1 but the size and price of that camera do not agree with me. Also, I do not shoot video at all so even less of an incentive for me to get the camer
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