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  1. Welcome. I'm looking forward to you photos from Scotland. I'm likewise thinking of the x-t30 myself. What lens?
  2. Will the older xf 60mm f/2.4 work for you? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/839144-REG/Fujifilm_16240767_60mm_f_2_4_XF_Lens.html
  3. Since you like detail shots a close focusing short telephoto lens is what you need. Consider 50 f/2 or 60 f/2.4 macro. For general wide angle architecture the 14 f/2.8 is king.
  4. vello lens hood https://www.amazon.com/Vello-LH-X100B-Dedicated-Lens-Black/dp/B00NLQ85UM b+w filter https://www.amazon.com/49mm-XS-Pro-Clear-Multi-Resistant-Coating/dp/B004OVE16U/ref=sr_1_3?crid=URE8691RS14H&dchild=1&keywords=b%2Bw+49mm+uv+filter&qid=1593800200&s=electronics&sprefix=b%2Bw%2Celectronics%2C298&sr=1-3 Filter is necessary to make camera/lens totally weather resistant and Vello lens hood allows for filter as well as quick release hood. I find the combo perfect and adds to the cameras overall 'Leica-like' appearance.
  5. This sounds horrible. It may not be the time to upgrade to this camera. I read Fuji rushed to release this camera early to have it available for the Olympics.
  6. Thanks Herco for your personal insights. DP review was the reviewers stating resolution being slightly lower wide open, but higher contrast and corner sharpness, by design. I usually shoot street and candids with my 100T, but also nature and structures quite often close. The softness and haze really irritates me. When I've seen photos and medium distances the 100V looks fantastic, but when I saw minimum focus distance wide open I was a bit disappointed.
  7. I've been shooting w/ x100T for 4 years and the new 'V' version looks like a nice upgrade. My main issue w/ 'T' is at close focus wide open it's horribly soft. I've read an extensive lens review of 'V', which concluded the new 'V' has less resolution, but higher contrast with no haze, so it has a perceived sharper look up close wide open. I saw a photo from an owner on the other Fuji forum in this situation and I wasn't all that impressed. What do owners of x100V here say about the new lens?
  8. The lack of weather resistance and the same 6 year old lens, will make me skip this generation of the x100 series. I keep my x100t a little longer for the next generation or possibly an upcoming xe3.
  9. Except on the 3 year old X-100T. No updates, but they have offered updates on newer cameras.
  10. I'd prefer the x-pro2 because I'm a left eye shooter, plus I have a x100t I'd keep as my compact camera.
  11. 2 months ago I bought the x100t and at $1100 it a steal. I wanted to start shooting now and didn't want to wait on the new x200 which will surely cost more too, and may have a wider lens than the x100t. When all the new Fuji cameras are out and firmware tweaks attended to, I may consider an upgrade, but it's not a priority. I would still hang on to the x100t for size and form factor. Sure, it would be nice to have the upgraded sensor and processor, but it won't make me a better photographer. Many photogs still using the original x100 with no plans to upgrade. The masters of the past shot grea
  12. Thanks. After using the camera for a month and a half, I've had to clean the lens from moisture spots and dust many times, and I'm very careful. I think I like the idea of added protection. It's worth a try to see if I have any image quality issues w/ glare and flare from lights w/ night photography.
  13. Having had a x100t for 1-1/2 months I've noticed that the lens is sharpest at the midrange distances making it a great street/candid lens. I find it a bit softer in macro and at infinity for nature.
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