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  1. I've yet to read the manual but this could be finally an upgrade/companion for my x-e1. Note that for me, weight and compactness is of upmost importance because I hike multi days with my gear. I will keep the x-e1 forever because I think that sensor had the best jpegs ever though. Functionalities : the iso dial is clunky, never use it on my x100f, wheel is more convenient, or fn+dpad on x-e1, fine for me. Focus lever I only use if I put a manual m42 lens, or in very special circumstances on fuji lenses, won't be missed. The q menu I use quite a lot though, so that's something to check in the manual. The gain over x-e1 would be the tilting screen (when hiking it's not great to get dirty to take a flower for example), new film sims, great autonomy. Personally never missed wr on my fujis they handle rain fine, and it adds cost and weight. Ymmv. I get the complains that it looks dumbed down but I don't think it's really the case here. It's a design choice that I get, as long as there are alternatives to quick access preferred settings, it's ok. The goal is to take pictures anyway, not operate a hundred buttons. I set my iso, aperture, verify the speed is fine and shoot personally, rather than obsess over features.
  2. The guy who thinks fuji NEEDS to rehaul the 35 f1.4 ASAP, or else... Doesn't sound like a photographer at all. He wants something that would be good at everything and excels at nothing. The 35 f1.4 excels at fine art and street, there's still very much a market for it, people who are not blaming their lack of skill on gear like 95% of ppl nowadays
  3. Hi, did you have any problem screwing this on the lens turbo? I have a helios and industar that screw on perfectly, but my 3 zeiss I have to force too much
  4. Hi there, it's been a long time. I still shoot (mostly) sooc jpeg with my X-E1, and 35mm f/1.4 mostly, still have the 18mm f2 but added the 50mm f2 to my collection, and now ordered an X100F to have a "take everywhere" camera. I will upgrade the x-e1 to an x-pro2 at some point once it gets cheaper tho, and replace the 18 f/2 with the 16 f/2.8. Also I have a lens turbo II with a 30€ helios 44-2 which reminds me everytime I shoot it that sharpness is really a gimmick. 35mm f1.4 DSCF2324 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF2215 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF3880 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF3900 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF3906 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF3504 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF1558 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr Helios 44-2 DSCF4519 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF4424 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF4427 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF4464 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF4476 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr 50mm f2 DSCF2551 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF2549 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr DSCF2301 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr
  5. It looks cheap like all the xc lenses but as pure utility lens I'm gonna buy it without a second thought. Even when visiting a town and wanting to remain light this is gonna be great. Can't handle carrying a 10-24 around and 16mm is the widest I go. Thanks Patrick, keep up the good work.
  6. I don't see any better option for hiking, if iq is good : it's going to be a bit longer than the 18, so it will fit in say a mirrorless mover 10. It will be an extremely light and compact package. When doing landscape, wide aperture is not a must-have at all. Better get a small tripod, and/or ois, f8 and be there. I've always taken the 18 or 18+35 when on multi day hikes in the mountains, happy not to have to swap lenses, or be restrained with a 18 only, and have the 16mm option on top (let's face it 15mm will probably not be great) Good news at last.
  7. I am extremely unexcited about everything Fuji this year. I've decided against the X-E3, and there is absolutely nothing enticing me to upgrade my X-E1. Especially since I upgraded its SD to a V30 and its only real "problem" is now gone, buffer write speed. There is nothing proposed as an upgrade to my 35mm f1.4 which dates from 2012 and could need a new motor and/or weather sealing (but not the optics of the F2) There is nothing proposed as an upgrade to my 18mm F2 which could need better optics and/or weather sealing while remaining compact. There is still no incentive to grab a Fuji 16mm as all options (prime or zoom) are way too huge and heavy. The 60mm is a middle-age lens and the 80mm is a non-portable option, I don't like carying anvils around. So yeah, stuck with 2012 gear because Fuji decided to put all their efforts into GFX, cine-lenses, and touchscreens instead of updating what started as a great line but stopped evolving. Otoh, not a dollar spent since years so thank you Fuji?
  8. https://www.thephoblographer.com/2017/10/11/fujifilm-x-e3s-touchscreen-isnt-intuitive-use/ This is a very shocking outcome, nobody could see it coming /o\
  9. But what is gonna move the focus point then? I don't think it's wrong at all to try it if you can return it easily, I'd do it too. And only stupid people never change their mind. Please report about those specific "problems" we are all talking about regarding ergonomics, if you can act as if you're left-eyed to see how it plays it would be awesome too.
  10. Also, when you tap on a screen to acquire focus, you're handling the camera only with one hand don't you? That's gonna be troublesome for stability. Common sense somehow tells me it's shit.
  11. I think it's quicker with the joystick as your thumb already rest on it, instead of having to tap blindly on a screen to find the right point. My nose is in the middle of the screen when I shoot, which half should I turn off?
  12. According to the recent reviews you have to swap on the touchscreen (even when using the EVF) to simulate the D-PAD behaviour. Unfortunately, if you're left-eyed, or just wish to turn-off screen touch you're left without a quick way to change settings then. Ok no more posting from me, I'll just pass on this one.
  13. Tone down and stop insulting me. It's just like saying "everyone loves a 23mm". First, it's not true. You could say "most of the people love a 23mm" I suppose, but a LOT of pro art photographers use a 35 (50FF). If a 23mm does not work for me, because I find it "in-between", not wide, neither normal, in nowhere land, does that make me automatically an idiot who does not embrace what "everybody" loves ? No that makes me someone who have found HIS OWN way into photography, and uses the tool he finds corresponds to his vision. Here is what Charlene Winfred, who actually makes photos opposed to toying around has to say about the X-E3 : Touchscreen This one comes with a touchscreen, which I tried out several times, as you’ll see in the video above (go on, watch it, it’s award winning stuff). Touchscreens on cameras are generally wasted on me though. I love the X series for the its dials and buttons, although previewing images and changing settings on the quick (Q) menu was a bit fun with the touchscreen, if only for the novelty. At the moment, with the pre-production unit I have, you also have to turn the touchscreen and all its up-down-left-right swipe-able settings off, before you flick it to EVF, or your nose will activate the touchscreen. After several rounds of changing film simulations, focus settings and what-not with my nose (being left eye dominant), I simply turned the touchscreen off altogether and left it like that. Too fiddly, having to enable and disable stuff everytime I changed view modes. Will you call her an idiot for not embracing technology?
  14. What are you talking about nobody talked about removing the screen it's useful for review and in a few circumstances for shooting. I don't understand why you're trying so hard to convince 10 people here, if like you say "everybody wants it". I don't understand why journalists praying it would change anything? I have yet to see one who can photograph something else than a pigeon or a sunset and tells you that the camera is bad because it has only hd for video no 4k. On a photo camera. To record once a year a nephew running in the garden, compress it into avi to show it to aunt Gisele on a hd tv tomorrow. Rrrright. You seem to imply we're wrong because a superior number of people will like it, this is such a childish argument I don't even...
  15. More like having esp, abs and full autopilot mode in a rally car. No point.
  16. Also again, we don't hate technology. Just as we would not wish to use a touchscreen for our desktop PC, we don't wish a touchscreen on our camera, but embrace cpu upgrades, fast SSDs etc. Ergonomics buddy.
  17. You don't get it, smart people don't buy something with x feature that adds cost, to leave it off. You don't buy a bike with a rockshox gold and leave it in locked position do you?
  18. This is now a very rational, reasonable and valid answer. Especially the part you say "if I'm having fun I'll enjoy the picture". If having a new camera makes you have fun and go out more, by all means get it, have your fun, make pictures (but ask yourself if it won't be the same in 6 months : bored, need new gear to make it fun again, bored, need etc. Having interest in pictures content eliminates this problem, better buy a plane ticket than a new body tbh) I'm not really bragging about my pictures, I find them decent so to say. To get there I used almost only the 35mm f1.4 and jpeg (like learning to draw without an eraser to force yourself to get it right) no cropping etc. for maybe 2 years. I did not upgrade my x-e1 until now (bought in December 2014) because, got to remain humble, it was not a limiting factor. Now I feel the time has come to get a more responsive camera (that SD write speed... awful) but the x-e2 is not that big of an improvement. I wanted the x-e3 to be the same camera, faster, hence my disappointment. It won't be for everyone, but Fuji does not have to suit my personal wishes, albeit I'd argue it should not be called a X-E because it is not an X-pro2 without the weight and OVF like the 1&2 were, designed for the enthusiast who wants mechanical controls. I feel they are killing the x-e line, but don't wish it to fail nonetheless. I'm sure people who want a great camera to take family pictures etc. will appreciate a focus on screen, why not? We'll see if the best Fuji photographers like Kevin Mullins will use it and what they have to say about it. Meanwhile, I'll consider the X-pro2 again.
  19. I am Christophe Branchereau yes. I think a good picture comes from the photographer, the scene, the light, the lens and last by a body that does not get in the way. Or in the least possible way. You seem to think it will suddenly make you a better photograph, the disappointment is going to be hard to swallow, but you're not alone it's a general thread. I will not repeat your bloody nonsense. Have fun, you will perhaps realise one day that technology is not everything.
  20. I feel embarrassed for you. You haven't even tried it. This is just ridiculous, you need to find reasons to spend money on an "amateur at best" camera alright, but it's your wife if you have one that you need to convince, not the skepticals like me who don't feel right changing settings on the fly with their nose while seing a scene unfold through the viewfinder.
  21. Here are some tips : - using teles and/or cropping like you do make pictures flat. The viewer has an immediate sense of being far away from the scene and it's liveless. You need to use at most a 50mm on crop, even better 35 to immerge the viewer. Get closer! - put context. Your pictures have no context, we don't know if they were taken in a parc, zoo, wilderness, I'll pass. - try to infuse some personality/emotion. What do you want to say with your pictures ? I only see a pigeon flying like every other pigeon, a duck doing nothing particular etc. No emotion, feeling, flat. Now I'm certainly not a master but I try hard to put those elements in pictures to make them work, here are 2 examples : http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/150-the-animal-far-side-gallery-open-thread/?do=findComment&comment=3688
  22. I'm sorry but this looks like the millions of other animal pictures in existence, nothing particular, technically correct but nothing exciting about them. Here is a vary interesting seagulls picture for your education :
  23. Not very inspiring and dare I say, easy. That last one is pretty good tho.
  24. I'm still debating with myself if 9.V.III is a troll (a bad one but whatever) or not. It's entertaining tho. Speaking endlessly about technology and "must have" shiny features, counting buttons, wondering about processor cooling, completely ignoring photography, art, process, FEELING. Let me have a rough guess : you never actually took a decent picture in your whole life. But it's all technology's fault, it was not advanced enough for you, Western World Mastermind. Here, have a pat. That x-e3 will finally allow you to fullfil your incredible potential. Or not.
  25. I'm confused now and don't understand how Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, Cartier Bresson, Martin Parr have been able to make photographs without a touchscreen. It's a mystery.
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