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  1. This is a raining morning in the Wachau Valley, Dürnstein is the name of this beautiful little town in Austria. Plan was to visit the castle ruin, Richard the Lionheart was held imprisoned.
  2. This are photographs of Vienna and Budpest. I like both of this cities a lot. In Vienna it is near the NEUE HOFBURG and in Budapest it's the FISHERMAN's BASTION.
  3. Here the Parlament building in Budapest.
  4. cruiseing the European water ways.
  5. This is a sunset on the Danube river, near Melk in Austria.
  6. This was over the Danube, near Regensburg.
  7. somewhere on the Main river
  8. use4711

    Fuji Birds

    Along the Main river
  9. This photo was taken, while passing Frankfurt on the Main river.
  10. Here again photographs from the Rhine and Mosel river.
  11. there were the Magic Bike Days in Rüdesheim, in the afternoon heavy rain - no chance to get nice photographs of customized Harleys, but at night time it was dry and the firework was a nice one.
  12. This is the castle Stolzenfels near Koblenz on the banks of the Rhine river. Taken with xt 1 and the 18-55mm at 55mm , f 6.4.
  13. use4711

    Fuji Birds

    This one was walking along the riverbank.
  14. This the horseshoe bend of the Rhine river near Boppard.
  15. Good morning, I believe the threat is one, that needs more support, this is my. Ihope you will like this photographs taken during high water on the river Rhine in Germany.
  16. use4711

    Fuji Birds

    Sometimes high water on the rivers is an advantage. You wait at places you normaly pass. Here I got Herons and Great Egrets nesting close to each other.
  17. use4711

    Fuji Birds

    two times Mini- Grey Goose
  18. This was a Grey Heron after sunset.
  19. Taken with the XT 1 and 18-55mm f2.8-4. This is in the Mid Rhine valley, in Germany.
  20. this are one of the Gerry houses in Düsseldorf.
  21. I hope rainbow in B&W is okey as well
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