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  1. What about Sigma 70-400 ? 400 is enough for me, but will it work with Fuji ? I mean som lens where i can set aperture and focus manualy. Is there anybody who has some experiences with it ?
  2. Sorry, i mean non Fuji lens. Thanks.
  3. Hi, could you recomend telephoto lens for XT10 ? I know there are some 400mm Tamron, but i want zom. Is there any zoom tele lens ? Manual aperture and manual focus. Something between 100-400. Thanks Martin
  4. Thanks all for tips, now i bought MCEX 16, try to learn with this, and i'll see.
  5. Hi, i have X T10 with XF18-55, and i want to take some macro. So what should i do ? Should i buy MCEX 16 extension tube, or better buy som cheap macro lens and reduction to X lens ? Sorry for my english :-) Thanks Martin
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