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  1. http://www.iridientdigital.com/products/iridientdeveloper_download.html
  2. What about a person who started on m4/3 and then went to full frame. The point of reference is different but the a conversion is still needed to start your new reference point for lens focal lenghth in the new format till you learn and intuit angle of view equivalencies. Kind of the reverse anology, going from smaller to larger insead of the other way around --- so the argument takes on a quality of being relative to your viewpoint. YMMV
  3. Heres a angle of view table (Thanks to B&H) http://www.bhphotovideo.com/images/Angles-02z.jpg
  4. Fuji could do what Olympus does: ie The box says 25mm and prints the 35 equivalent on the box (50mm). This is nothing new. If you shot multi format in the film days you had the same issue. A focal length in on format has an equivalent angle of view in another format 50mm in 35mm and 80mm in 2 ¼ have a close to equivalent angle of view. (didn't call an 80 a 50 or 50 an 80) You think in that format, when I shot 2 ¼ I didnt think in terms of 35mm. If I wanted a wide angle I would get a 65mm lens or wider Back in the days before digital and the ineternet - Calumet in the front page of there mail order catalog had a table of equivilnet focal lenfghs and angles of view. -- 35mmm, 2 ¼, 4x5, 8x10, ( mostly for interchangeable lens cameras) I remember having to figure out what was a "normal" lens when I bought a 4x5. The problem more complex with digital because there are more sensor sizes. Film had a standard set of format sizes so all manufacturers could make standardized film. Digital doesn't require a standardized sensor, (memory cards are the film (standardized)--- that's a different paradigm) Compairing to 35mm film is probaly there for historical raesons. tons of 35mm film cameras were sold. A lot of people think that way Larger formats were use mostly by professionals, advanced amateurs or photo students In the other direction --Point and shoots ( 110. 126 film etc). People never had a concern for focal length. Todays comparison -- How may poeople even consider the focal lenghth/ angle of view when they buy a phone with a camera.
  5. Any one heard what the price would be on the 23 F2?
  6. I remeber reading a Kodak publication in the 1980s that defined macro as ½ life size or greater
  7. a real macro 1:1 with focus limiter, magnification and DOF scales, and OIS
  8. 3-6 are set to change the focus area go to the menu > set up - wrench2 > "ButtonDial Setting" > " slector button setting" > set to "Fn Button"
  9. User error, I had the shutter speed to high so the exposure preview was black changed to a lower shutter -- works fine Got it work on my Ipad mini as well
  10. Hi, I can get the X-T1 connected to the iphone. But the screen on the iphone is black probably somethimg simple but I can't figure it out Mark
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