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  1. I'm struggling with some basic (missing?) video tools on the X-Pro2. They mainly concern focusing, and I don't understand why they are not supported or implemented. In my opinion, functions like these should not be 'offered' as Kaizen updates, but they should be in from the start! I have 2 questions: 1) Re-autofocus in video recording: This feature came with the latest FW versions, but it's not clear to me if the X-Pro2 got it. Can anyone confirm whether it's in or out? 2) Focus Peaking in video recording: Is there a way to keep Focus Peaking active during video recording in Manual focus mode? Is the X-T2 capable doing that? It's so frustrating to find certain technology on board, but not reachable when you need it the most! Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Hmm, I may need a decent OS after all :-) Seriously, I don't know what restrictions Apple has set on their network protocols. I'm not an IT expert. But it would be astonishing to conclude that: 1) 2015, company A claims wireless is the future 2) November 2016, company A throws out SD card readers, and with it any other kind of connectivity, from their Pro level laptops, because wireless is modern (read: contemporary) technology 3) Company A limits the accessibility of their wireless system by means of the OS I call this bullying your customers. I'll try to find out where the show gets interrupted, and post my findings here on this thread. PS: I appreciate your honesty that even with a dedicated network, the wireless transfer of larger amounts of data is still a pain in the A**. Thanks Kubul!
  3. Hi Kubul, I've finally reached the point of courage to give it another try. That's a very well worked out workflow you've penned down! I'm sure many pc users will have tried this dedicated network method. Do you know anyone who was successful setting up a dedicated network between the X-Pro2 and a Mac? It's not working out for me. I'm able to create a dedicated network on the Mac. I'm able to see the network on the X-Pro2 and select it from the Network List. But the PCAutoSave utility doesn't pick up the connection. What am I missing? (don't tell me I'm missing a decent OS)
  4. Dear Murat, The one thing you should have mentioned in your 'intriguing features list' to become an obvious X-Pro2 user, is the use of a hybrid viewfinder on your X100. Above all this is what sets the X-Pro2 apart from anything else, even from a Leica rangefinder. Other than that, any modern camera will deliver more than decent results nowadays. Sure the Fujis look good, but that shouldn't be the main reason to buy such a system. If you never make use of the OVF, I would say, save your money for a nice trip, good food and great wine ... and be happy with your Sony gear. tdG
  5. Got it. The second box represents the focus frame at the OVF’s minimum focus distance – the closest the OVF can focus before it hits the macro range. Smart This is a must read indeed, when you still have questions about the OVF, parallax and focusing! ... http://vopoku.com/fujifilm-ovf-focusing/
  6. That's the setting to let the AF point move along with the frame lines. But the frame lines always move for parallax error, regardless of 'CORRECTED AF FRAME' is ON or OFF. By the way, when CORRECTED AF FRAME is ON, next to the regular AF point there is an additional point visible in the OVF, in the right lower part. The point is square shaped and has crop marks instead of a full line. It moves with the focus point when the joy stick is used, but it doesn't move when the parallax error is displayed. I can't figure out what this is. Do you know?
  7. I'm pretty sure it's the frame lines that move to correct for the parallax error, while the focus point doesn't. That is the whole point of missing focus when shooting nearby objects. My no.1 request would be that when shooting RAW + JPEG (card 1 + card 2) it would be possible to link those files in-camera. If you delete one (RAW) image, the JPEG would automatically be deleted with it.
  8. The X-Pro2 is my first Fuji camera, and I was determined to start with the 27mm, because I was hooked on the Panasonic 20mm and its unique field of view when I was still using a Pen M4/3 camera. However, after watching hundreds of images from the 27mm, I recognised the one thing that I dislike about the Pana 20mm ... a bokeh with an unpleasing kind of blur. It looks shaky, artificial and plain ugly at times. I found that phenomenon in the XF27mm too many times to my liking and decided to go for the 35mm WR. The latter is a wonderful piece of glass and does render out-of-focus image areas more beautifully, but I do miss the 40mm (35mm equiv.) field of view. I was hoping that Fuji would take the 27mm more seriously, but that won't be happening any time soon I'm afraid. In my opinion it offers the most perfect angle of view (between the wide 23mm and the narrow 35mm), and I still may buy it after all, despite the nature of its bokeh. I wonder if the shaky bokeh (d)effect is typical for lens designs used for pancakes, or is it a coincidence that both the Pana 20mm and the XF-27mm share this signature? The AF with the X-Pro2 seemed to be very accurate and fast. At least there wasn't a noticeable difference with the 35mm WR. I haven't tested all possible situations of course.
  9. I'm left eye dominant and can only imagine how it is to use a rangefinder camera with the right eye. It never held me from making pictures though, and this goes for my brand new X-Pro2 too. Did you know it is possible to change the eye dominance? Check this ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocular_dominance#Treatment
  10. Hmm, my opinion? Fuji better leave the Wi-Fi thing for file transfer out, just like they skip 4K video. I know, they've let go of 4K for technical reasons and mainly for possible damage of the camera due to overheating, but don't let end users believe they can use Wi-Fi file transfer on X cameras when it's in such a terrible state! Words fall short on me now.
  11. Hi everyone, At first I found it an interesting thought to transfer images from the camera to the pc (Mac) using the camera's built-in Wi-Fi. No hassle removing memory cards, no cables, just through the air. However when I tried doing so, I could hardly believe how slow it actually was. I can't immediately tell you what the transfer rate was, but I had to wait minutes for just a hand full of images to transfer from the camera to the pc. I thought Wi-Fi was a lot more powerfull these days, but this seems quite useless to me. Even establishing the connection between the camera and the pc seems like an attempt to break into the Pentagon. It all seems so daaaaamn sloooooow. So the question is this: is the X-Pro2's built-in Wi-Fi only good for geo tagging with a smart phone, or do any of you actually use it for picture transfer to a pc as well?
  12. Bummer! Anyone for a second opinion please? :-)
  13. I apologise already in advance in case I read over it, but does anyone know if Fuji is planning to update the old XF lens line with the new chip set to meet the new AF requirements introduced with the X-Pro2? Let me put it differently: I just bought my first Fuji camera (X-Pro2) and was determined to start with a 35 f/2 and a 56 f/1.2. Instead I came home with only the 35 f/2, because I was aware of the AF differences between the new and old camera systems. Is it worth waiting for a 56 f/1.2 mkII, or is this wishful thinking?
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