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  1. Hey guys, I read somewhere that the Clutch from Peak Design doesn't work well on rangefinder style cameras and I'm not sure why. Has anyone tried the clutch on your Fuji?
  2. I bought an X-E2 when they were brand new and fell in love with Fujis. I switched from Canon and haven't looked back. I no longer shoot professionally so it's more of a hobby. Even though I love my fuji, I don't use it as much I thought I would. I recently had the chance to use the X100S for a week and fell in LOVE with that thing. Now I'm thinking I need to just sell my X-E2, 14mm and 35mm lenses and just go with the x100T. Trying to decide if it's all I need or if I'll miss the lens options. Any thoughts out there from you guys on this?
  3. booq bags are nice. expensive but super well made and attention to detail is awesome. check this one out. http://www.booqbags.com/us/backpacks/PSP-GRR
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