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  1. I received my RRS baseplate yesterday. It looks well-made and works well.
  2. I just ordered an X-H1 and was wondering what everyone is using for baseplate or L-Plate. For my X-Pro2, I'm using Fuji's MHG-XPRO2 hand grip. For my X-E2, I'm using Fuji's MHG-XE hand grip. For my X-100F, I have the Really Right Stuff baseplate with removable L bracket. Really Right Stuff apparently will offer a baseplate / L-plate for the X-H1, but it hasn't been released yet. http://www.reallyrightstuff.com/X-H1-Plates
  3. I love the Hold Fast Moneymaker as well. I believe they recently introduced (or will soon introduce) a narrow version of the Moneymaker too.
  4. This happened to me for the first time shooting this past weekend. I was using a EF-X20 flash and the 23mm 1.4 lens. I had to turn the camera off / on several times and even had to remove the battery once. I've had the camera since release in March and had not encountered the problem before. This was the first time I had used a flash on the camera and also the first time I had used a shutter speed setting other than AUTO (it was set to 250x). I don't know if either the flash or shutter setting had anything to do with why the problem arose this time.
  5. X-Pro2 and X-E2. Fuji 23/1.4, 35/1.4, 10-24/4, 18-55/2.8-4.0, 55-200/3.5-4.8 lenses.
  6. I use B&W XS-Pro UV filters on all my lenses - for both my Fuji and Nikon glass. Old habit from film days, I guess. The B&W XS-Pro filters are really low profile / thin.
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