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  1. Hello everyone, just a quick introduction of myself. I'm a portrait and fashion photographer based in Florence. I've recently switched my professional equipment to Fuji, since I've used for one year the X100T and I found it was working very good for me. Here's my first session i took in my studio with the xpro2 and the 90mm. I shoot it with the natural light coming from the big window in my studio and with a beauty dish helping the light on the eyes. The picture has been shoot in raw and edited in Lightroom with Classic Chrome Color Profile. Soon on my blog I will post an extended first review with more photos from this session, Alessandro
  2. Hey, I can spend my 2 cents since I've just got my new Xpro2 camera and my girlfriend has buy the new Sony a6300. My personal consideration between the two camera: Construction - The Sony, compared to the Fuji looks like a complicated toy! Lot of plastic, small body, and lot of button. The Xpro2 feels lot more solid and clean in the layout of the buttons. Autofocus - Well, the Sony in my opinion has a slight slight advantage over the Xpro2 but I've to say that I've tested it quickly on a difficult light situation (home interior) so it was a fantastic performance for both the machines. I give the Sony a little advantage. I'm going to see a test to test about picture quality soon!
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