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  1. So, that's one so far. One, one Fuji Photographer ahh hah ahaha ah
  2. I created a bit of a comparison between the two and their profiles. All are edited from RAW in Lightroom http://www.aevansphoto.com/canon-1dsiii-vs-fuji-x-pro-2-colour/ Also added a few polls for a bit of fun.
  3. Correction, has more Phase detect, not contast
  4. Off the top of my head: 4K F-Log (via HDMI, also 4:2:2 via HDMI) Headphone jack (in grip) 3.5mm mic jack AF-C profiles Bigger/Better EFV Zebra Peaking during video recording Live audio monitoring that can be adjusted by assigned buttons More AF points and more contrast detect AF points Tilty sceen Both slots are UHS-II type (only slot one is on the xpro 2) Battery grip (xpro2 obviously doesn't have 11fps in boost mode and apparently it can go 14fps with some restrictions I think the buffer is bigger
  5. Hey Ace, you mentioned "audio ports" in plural. Does this mean there's a headphone jack? Also are they the annoying 2.5mm variety like on the X-Pro2 or the totally awesome 3.5mm variety like they should be?
  6. Ha well I still own my 35 art and a 1DsIII for times I want to scratch that itch. Yeh I'd set it to f4 I guess, maybe a tighter aperture. Usually I set it to 25P and 50SS for video. Then adjust aperture to suit the exposure. If I wanted to have a particular aperture I'd adjust the lighting to suit the camera.
  7. Nice thought. I'll think about that. It really depends what happens in the future. I'm at a bit of a crossroads in life right now, but definately an intriguing idea.
  8. Sounds like bad luck more than anything. I hope mine is ok. I'd don't use it as heavily as you so maybe I won't know for a while.
  9. Yeh you're right Ace. I don't disagree apart from on your opinion of the 56 1.2. I love that lens. Especially when used in conjunction with the 23mm 1.4. The old 35/85mm (FF) combo was my fave and I still love fuji's version. I also find it sharp at 1.2, shallow DOF can be challenging though. The 50-140 (70-200 equiv) truely is a workhorse lens. I agree for heavy work it can't be beat. I do wonder what happened to your 50-140 lenses? How'd they fail? Heavy use or something breaking that shouldn't?
  10. That's highly debatable KR isn't to be taken seriously, that's for sure. He's a bit of a troll.
  11. 16-55 2.8 is a fine event lens. Especially coupled with the 50-140. 23mm 1.4 + 56 1.2 would also be a great event combo and the 56 1.2 is excellent for portraits.
  12. Stealthy Ninja


    Cool photo. Great lighting, colour temp is perfect and timing is right on.
  13. How about windows support? I remember a rumour about this, but I forgot when it'll come.
  14. I am a 190cm white guy who's lived in Hong Kong for about 16 years. Hong Kong is a really safe city. I've never had any problems at all, maybe because I'm a big "scary" gwai lou (foreigner), I'm not sure. There's pick pockets in some districts, I usually pull my billingham in front of me if I am in a crowd. I also will have earphones in my phone (I'll know if it gets stolen because it'll disconnect the sound) and I keep a hand on my wallet. My wife had her phone stolen years ago and had someone try and razor blade open her bag once. But I've had no issues personally.
  15. I wonder if high performance mode would make a difference. It apparently makes the EFV "not flicker" according to something I just read. It could speed up the EVF refresh during a high-speed-burst-action-zoom™ enough to make tracking the action possible. You'd just need to buy more batteries.
  16. As I checked your link I thought to myself, I bet this was posted on April 1st...sure enough... LOL As for the topic. Left eye = no issue on xpro2
  17. U gonna share this ever Patrick? LOL It's been about a year. I guess the rumour didn't pan out.
  18. For me there are two primes that are a "must have" in and prime combo. That's the 23mm and 56mm Other than that, it depends on what I want to shoot. If I'm shooting portraits then: 23mm (for environmental style portraits) 56mm (for "normal" portraits - upper body, full body sort of things) 90mm (for tighter shots, focusing on the head etc. the 90mm is a great lens) Also the 90mm might be in there if I thought I was going to need a telephoto. But I think I'd rather bring the 50-140 or 100-400 depending on what I was shooting. If I were looking for a normal 3 prime lens combo, it would be either: 14, 23, 56 or 16, 23, 56 Though most likely I'll be going: 12mm (Samyang), 23mm and 56mm I am super tempted by the 16mm because of how so many people rave about it. But, for me, 16mm is a bit close to 23mm. So most likely I'd go for the 14mm as when I go wide I want to go as wide as possible. I do like the 16mm fov though (24mm on full frame) but tested the difference between 16mm and 23mm on my 16-55 and it wasn't different enough for me. To get the same framing I just need to step back one step and lean back a little (using 23mm). That's not enough of a difference in FOV to justify owning both a 16mm and 23mm (for me). I know the 16mm will focus very close and is really sharp though, which keeps me tempted. Realistically I'd have to go with my brain over my heart though and get a 14mm (now it's cheaper than it used to be) or a 12mm samyang. Right now I can't afford either, so I'm in research mode, maybe I'll just buy a 10-24, who knows.
  19. Here's another I quite like. Samyang 8mm fisheye on Xpro1
  20. Here's one I found on my phone. Xpro2 with 35 f/2
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