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    Antonius reacted to corintography in Sharpness 56mm 1.2   
    With such a shallow depth if field it will be really difficult to get pin sharp, use face detection + eye detection AF and see how you go.
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    Antonius got a reaction from Adrenalinenova in FUJIFILM will develop an XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens   
    Be carefull, the new one might be blurred to the right [emoji23]
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    Antonius reacted to MirrorMirror in Tough choice between 32 and 35mm   
    32mm vs 35mm, 1.8 vs 2.0
    You wouldn't notice the difference in reality. I would buy the Fuji and it's the cheapest.
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    Antonius reacted to cucinaferrari in My first photo capture of 2017.   
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    Antonius reacted to graflex in Watercolour??   
    This problem is rooted in demosaicing the X-Trans color filter array. It is not a sharpening problem -- sharpening exposes and exacerbates the problem. Adobe has improved their handling of the X-Trans CFA but alternative raw converters do a better job of extracting fine detail from X-Trans raw files and avoiding the "watercolor effect." Iridient, Photo Ninja, SilkyPix, Capture One, Raw Therapee, ACDSee all do a better job demosaicing X-Trans. However that doesn't mean they do a better job processing X-Trans overall. There is no clearly best choice. You can get reasonable results from Adobe with careful handling. If maximum fine detail with no "watercolor appearance" is most important to you, you will avoid Adobe for the demosiacing task.
    If you want to make a raw file available for others to see and work with use Dropbox (free account). Here for example is a link to an X-Trans II RAF file that exhibits the problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewzhgah2bqjutqw/DSCF3971.RAF?dl=0
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    Antonius reacted to johant in XT1 or XT10   
    Not difficult at all. Once you have setup the camera, you hardly need the menu. That is at least true for the X-T1.
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    Antonius got a reaction from johant in Is there a XT-2 exposure issue?   
    I never shoot in auto anything when I can. Auto-mode just leads to inconsistency in your lighting. The EVF has made this soooo easy. I also start of with a light meter just to make [emoji817] sure the camera is not lying. Once the lighting stays the same u r set to go with so much more amazing shots
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    Antonius reacted to milandro in To those upgrading to X-T2 from X-T1, worth it?   
    If there are complaints it is a minority and the camera is good and if there are no complaints the camera is good.
    So the camera is good whichever way.
    It is one way to see it.
    Anyway, I am not sold on what makes this a “ better” camera, for me, so I am not buying.
    Don’t need faster autofocus, don’t need video, don’t need larger file, don’t need larger grip.
    The Joystick would be nice.
    Tough luck, I will live without.
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    Antonius reacted to milandro in To those upgrading to X-T2 from X-T1, worth it?   
    here the problems.
    Advantages? Larger file, better video, faster autofocus, need for a bulky grip to advanced focus and video, joystick.
    Do you plan to print any langer than 2 x 3 meter? Are you missing anything from your X-T1? 
    Don’t upgrade fro the mere sake of upgrading.
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    Antonius reacted to Tom H. in Fujifilm X100F Rumors   
    I'd love one, but I'll probably just pick up an X-Pro 2 in a year or so for street shooting.
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    Antonius reacted to milandro in FUJIFILM will develop an XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens   
    I wonder what are the permutations between 1 and 1000mm including any number of zoom combination overlapping each other.
    That’s how I feel when people “ ask” Fuji to produce a lens to cater for the market of ONE.
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    Antonius reacted to Aswald in FUJIFILM will develop an XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens   
    Wow....I kinda prefer the uncorrected version. The corrected one just makes me dizzy!
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    Antonius reacted to deva in FUJIFILM will develop an XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens   
    Huh? I worked for years as a photographer... nobody ever gave me lenses.
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    Antonius reacted to EddieX in FUJIFILM will develop an XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens   
    So Fuji needs to make a 140-300 f2.8 similar to Sigma
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    Antonius reacted to Hermelin in FUJIFILM will develop an XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens   
    Their premium zoom trinity is about to be complete!
    8-16 f/2.8
    16-55 f/2.8
    50-140 f/2.8
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    Antonius reacted to milandro in More Kaizen Love for X-T1 Coming?   
    so, the so called Kaizen for the X-T1 and 2 has been suspended because it had, apparently, again, some sort of bug.
    However what was revealed is that, as predicted above^, the X-T1 will only receive a technical upgrade ( this time something to do with a flash). I don’t use any flash with my X-T1 camera and won’t “ upgrade”, but it is now more than clear that the upgrades containing real new camera functions seem to have reached their end station. No more goodies, just technical upgrades for new lenses or flashes in production or to come.
    Meanwhile they have reconsidered the official designation of “ discontinued cameras" of the X-T10 and X-E2S. Probably just to give a chance to the various shops with some remaining stock to get rid of them. At my local shop they say that they still have them but that, due to the release of the new models, they aren’t selling any, not even at discounted prices. 
    That is, methinks, hardly surprising because no-one wants to buy yesteryear flavor of the month. Funny how some people who rushed into buying the newest camera still seem to take the same pictures they took before. Apparently they didn’t find the chops that they were looking for in the box where the new cameras came.       they might as well have saved a lot of money if they stayed with their more than sufficient box.
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    Antonius reacted to milandro in Iridient Developer is the best RAW processor for Fuji X sensor   
    That’s the BEST attitude that anyone could have about anything, or rather, one of the best! 
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    Antonius reacted to johant in Iridient Developer is the best RAW processor for Fuji X sensor   
    I always get a bit suspicious when someone claims that a product is "The Best!"
    The best for whom? Compared to what? On which criteria? Why discount that there likely is no "Best for everyone" product? What's the agenda?
    I believe that a product can be very good. I am struggling with believing that a product is "the best".
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    Antonius reacted to Photolographer in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Stay! by Manolo, on Flickr
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    Antonius reacted to KwyjiboVanDeKamp in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Sharing the same hobby
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    Antonius reacted to RafaelPoggi in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    A constructor company employee in charge of the security of the building across the street.

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    Antonius reacted to ewm19 in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Mind Reader by ewm19
    Finally getting my camera back...
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    Antonius reacted to Tom H. in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Fujifilm X100T, 33mm TCL

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    Antonius reacted to parigby in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Hi Maurice,
    If l give you a little background to the image, it might assist you. The image is very much a grab shot, as at the time l was on public transport (moving ), and therefore l was constricted with what l could achieve. Having seen the developing image l felt it warranted being captured, but there was a problem, and a big one at that. It's shot through smudged and filthy glass. Believe me, what you see now is a distinct improvement on what came out of the camera. However as l liked the image, and the potential story about to unfold, l thought it worth persevering with - after all not ever image has to be perfect to have some merit (well at least to my eyes anyway).
    I will politely refuse your offer of a swap for your Canon 
    regards    ...   philip
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    Antonius reacted to KirilND in Streetphotography (open thread)   
    Hi there, here is some from me ....
    Fujifilm X-T1  XF35mmF1.4R 1/750 sec. f 2.0 ISO 200

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