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    SB E49575 by Christoph, auf Flickr
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    Thanks for your help, got it !
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    I have bad GAS. Currently using my updated XE2, which I love, and an XT1, oh and lusting over an XP2. Have been a Nikon shooter for decades but haven't sold off. Also tried micro 4/3s....too many systems! Love the Fuji glass...
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    I really want a 70mm, at least f/2 but ideally f/1.4. I'm not fussed about reaching the spec-sheet-boasting f/1.2 since I'd rather keep the size and weight down. The one thing I really miss from my DSLR and medium format kits is a 100mm-105mm equivalent portrait prime for the classic hollywood look. The 56mm isn't quite long enough. The 60mm also falls just short, is a fraction too slow for when I really need the light and the focus is that one step behind the other lenses. The 90mm is going to be too long; I hated the 135mm lens I had for my Canon system. I made my name with 100mm f/2 (DSLR) and 210mm f/4.5 (medium format) portraits and when I switched to Fuji I thought either the 56mm or 60mm lenses would get me close enough to keep my look, but they just don't. That extra 10mm-15mm makes a hell of a difference when you're getting up close to someone. If Fuji make a 70mm f/2 or faster, I'll pre-order one on the day of announcement and pay any price.

    And I know it would be harmful to their own product line, but a 15mm f/2 would make life much easier instead of stressing about whether to take the 16mm f/1.4 or the 14mm f/2.8!

    Or, in my wildest dreams, a true crop equivalent of the standard 24-70mm f/2.8 zooms Canon and Nikon have. In crop sensor terms it would need to be something like 16-47mm f/1.8. Sigma has the 18-35mm f/1.8, which is the right idea, but it falls just short on each end. (And you can't get it for Fuji mount.) I'll happily give up some of the wide end, and if they gave me that 70mm lens I want I'd let a little of the long end go, so 18-45mm f/1.8 would be perfect. Doesn't need OIS, doesn't need weather sealing, doesn't need macro. Just get me the focal length and the actual equivalent aperture.
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    Well could have been framed better but yes it's tack sharp and the bokeh is gorgeous compared to the 18-55mm.
    OOC jpeg, sharp +1 with the 35mm f/1.4, one of the very first tests I made of the AF speed which is plenty adequate for slow moving stuff (read pedestrian moving speed) but needs prefocus for fast moving stuff (dog running, cyclists, cars etc.) which works as well but only results in about 70% of usable pictures for me
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