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  1. Both... Neither. X-E3 If I used Fuji for my pro work the usability of the X-T2 would win against the love and visceral connection I have for the X-PRO2 line. But I don't use Fuji like that. My pair of X-E2 bodies are the other woman to my full frame set up. They have the same soul of the X-Pro series, but have the functionality of the electronic viewfinder, and it's smaller and lighter. I love my X-E2 bodies. They inspire me without pressuring me. I'm sorry to tell Fuji I won't be bothering with a T2,T20, or Pro2. They are great cameras. I like them all and I understand the niche for each, which is why I am voting for both. But the deeper answer is the question unasked. Which is the best Fuji for you. It's the X-E2/X-E2s. At least until a 24Mpix X-E3 comes out... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The GFX is just a halo product. Sure it's the first affordable med format. And many pros and deep pocket prosumers will go there. I'm glad for them. But after initial sales, it's a limited market and should saturate quickly. Then fuji will hopefully turn back to their mini-pro line the x lenses. I expect the GFX headlines/hype to get more people talking fuji, but their wallets will lead them to the x series, not the GFX. So I'm the end we will likely get more market share and more attention. Not necessarily a bad thing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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