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  1. Fuji gave us the X-Pro3 for still focused users, no? Personally, I'd sacrifice AF for IBIS and if Fuji had more OIS lenses, sacrifice IBIS desires as OIS is close enough. Just too useful with environmental portraits. I have the GF45-100 primarily because of OIS.
  2. The 10-24, followed by the 14. Collected dust and then the 16 pushed them both aside.
  3. For whatever it's worth the Angry Photographer put both in his top four Fuji lenses. I know plenty to argue with with that list (and his comments on the 56 and 90), but having both on his list shows some view each as essential. I had the 16mm for a bit, got rid of, then fell in love with wide shooting (not my natural pull) with the 10-24. So now regretting not having the 16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M61AvVIRB9o
  4. I'm struggling with similar. 35mm/f2 As a light walk around as fast AF and WR (if you give that any weight). 56mm/f1.2 For portrait. Probably love the portrait shots of the 90mm ever so slightly more, but you do have to stand about two counties away from your subject. Likely great at weddings though and could be considered a pseudo semi-telephoto. 10-24mm/f4 For those interior shots. 16mm/1.4 a better lens, but... those 6mm. Rumored 23mm/f2. As a wider light walk around. Hope whoever designed the 35mm/f2 takes a look at all the legacy lenses.
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