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    Jellicle reacted to kimcarsons in Why Fuji? Why?   
    Facts, experiences, and opinions with which you disagree do not constitute trolling. Nothing is perfect. If you want to throw a sarcastic tantrum every time someone points out some imperfection in Fuji equipment (or any other brand), you're going to spend an awful lot of time posting "Bugger. The camera is unusable. I will sell mine!" (which I see you already do). Why should everyone walk eggshells and tiptoe around the truth just because OleDK might get triggered?
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    Jellicle reacted to kimcarsons in Why Fuji? Why?   
    If you don't like trolling language, then why do you use it yourself?
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    Jellicle got a reaction from erel in EVF flashes brightly with half press of shutter   
    Pete, you seem quick to jump to the conclusion that I am discourteous. Among the other possibilities for my delay in responding: a death in my family, a busy work life, more pressing personal obligations, the loss of my internet connection at home...or that I haven't had the opportunity to test the problem with another lens.
    It's one of those. 
    When I have something more to say on this problem I'll say it. 
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