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  1. I notice that my Fuji x100f has a micro HDMI port. I know that it can be used to view live video on eg an external monitor as I shoot, but does anyone know if it will also output a live view of whatever the viewfinder is seeing while I'm shooting stills? What sort of device would I use to record that output?
  2. Yeah from what I'm reading the problem manifests in different ways for different people, and seems also to depend on other factors (one guy says he sees it only when the scene is bright).
  3. Here's another bug: switch to manual focus and use the optical viewfinder. Look through the viewfinder and repeatedly half-press the shutter. On my x100f, and on others, the focus indicator (on the scale at the bottom of the frame) shifts towards infinity with each half-press. The focus point isn't changing, but the indicator is.
  4. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/x100f/ Fixes that silly focus reset problem when you turn the camera on!
  5. You can lock the 4-way button pad and the Q button. Just hold the menu button down for a few seconds. Do that again to unlock them.
  6. For those of us who have been using the x100T in a particular way this is a big disappointment - I keep mine (with the WCL adapter) focused at the hyperfocal distance (3m @ f8 or 5m @ f4, depending on the light), making the camera perfect for my style of shooting. I also tend to turn the camera off when I'm not actually using it to preserve battery power - it's fast enough to start up so the camera is ready to use as it reaches my eye. But I now have to wait while the camera starts up and then deal with the fact that it focuses the lens to a distance that I don't even want!
  7. So even if you keep the camera in manual focus mode, every time you switch it on the lens is focused on 7 feet, no matter where you left it set? If so, wow...I'm going to think again about whether I want the one I've ordered.
  8. You can't do it in-camera. Use one of the suggested plug ins
  9. For 40 years I've used aperture priority as the basis for my exposures. Now, as I do more street photography I'm finding it convenient to let the camera decide both settings - it's faster and I can concentrate more on the subject and less on the camera settings. That works for maybe 70% of the photographs I take, but when I do want to change a setting, it's almost always the aperture I want to change and I usually want it to be smaller. On my Pentax K5 I notice that given the same scene the program settings deliver smaller apertures (and slower shutter speeds) by default. A friend who uses Canons tells me the same thing, compared to his X-T2. Program shift may not make sense to you, but for my purposes it does make sense for me.
  10. There's different levels of control, suitable for different shooting situations. Program shift suits some of the street work I do.
  11. When I use my X-T2 in program mode (with aperture and shutter speed both on A) the camera seems to prioritise faster shutter speed over smaller apertures by default. I'm sure that works for some people but I'd prefer it to be the other way round. Does anyone else think a setting that lets us choose between those two options would be a useful addition to the camera? The current behaviour wouldn't be so bad if the program shift could be configured in one third, two thirds or full stop increments. It currently takes three movements of the command dial to shift the camera-selected program combination a full stop one way of another. Letting us specify the shift for each single movement of the dial would speed up the process.
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