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  1. have you since plugged the card directly into your PC? are the new images on the card? did you change a file name?
  2. Make sure "Natural Live View" is "Off" and "Preview EXP/WB IN MANUAL MODE" is activated. This will give you WYSIWYG ...what you see is what you get Good luck...please post if you solved it (even if it's user error). -Peter
  3. If "during shooting" the card may have a problem....bad cards are frequently the culprit in rare weird freezes and lockups when the camera has issues writing to the card. So...swap cards...format cards...try a new card...etc. Good luck...please post solution if you figure it out (even if it's user error) :-) -P
  4. Had that on numerous occasions with my XT-2....but it went away....I couldn't replicate it as it always happened in the middle of a shoot. I don't know why it stopped....as I did several firmware upgrades over time and I had various maintenance done on cameras/lenses (drops) I'd suggest cleaning the lens contacts on all your lenses....guessing it's a communication error? Also, make sure "Natural Live View" is "Off" and "Preview EXP/WB IN MANUAL MODE" is activated....again thinking along the lines of a blib in communication? Lastly I have had several experiences where my exposure comp dial was accidently stuck between C and -3...halfway between....and it caused problems and weird happenings. Good luck...please post if you solved it (even if it's user error). -Pete
  5. Check your settings.... "Wrench,Pg2:"Natural Live View">Off (If "ON" you will see the real image as if you were looking thru glass optics ie; No EVF amd no exposure(gain) adjustment) Also: Wrench Page 2: Preview EXP/WB>PREVIEW EXP/WB
  6. So, what was it? Help out our community if you found (hopefully) a solution or had to return it to Fuji :-( -P
  7. yes...the lenses I checked yes. 56, 23, 16-55. The 18mm is quite loud.
  8. Hi Stan: RE: Batteries: "Face Detect">On , if left "ON", will also continuously hunt for faces even when not half pressing and will drain battery faster. Only have it on when you need it. Blue Tooth>Turn it off. It is by default set to "On" Boost> Not needed for landscape and slow non action shooting. Turn it off if not needed. Occasionally fully discharge the batteries to maintain lithium battery health. -Peter PS: Two years...? The camera came out in late Sept. 2019.....are you speaking of the XT2 ? The XT3 gets noticeably better battery life...
  9. That lens, by the way, always has a very soft electronic sound, even when "IS" turned off. I can only hear it in a quiet room when I put it to my ears. I believe that's something about "floating glass elements" that are engaged when powered on. You can hear the elements clunk about inside when the lens is powered off ( that's also normal). But, you indicated it's a much louder sound and you just noticed, it so I'm guessing it's "PRE-AF ON"... If it's simply the soft noise of the lens then that is normal.
  10. Lockups are often a problem writing to card..... Format your card and see if issue goes away....or switch cards. Always format in camera (not on computer) and always format for full erase of images.....this will keep your cards healthy and happy. Try to see if issue is unique to a particular card. I would rule out a simple card issue before I started chasing other potential issues, which it might be, but lots of times these lockups are due to card write failure. Please post updates or solutions as others follow the threads... -Pete
  11. Sounds like you turned on "PRE Autofocus" which will keep AF on all the time and kill your batteries. Menu>AF/MF>PRE-AF>OFF Tell me if that fixed it if not I have other ideas on culprit.... -Pete
  12. ...or "DR Auto" might be blocking it as well.
  13. Yes that's normal. Mine makes a mild "whirr/clank" when hitting replay. You are hearing the aperture diaphragm closing down when it switches to playback. Watch through the front of your lens as you press the playback button. You can see the aperture close... -Pete
  14. That video was exactly what I was looking for thanks!
  15. Looks like nice improvement in Face and Eye AF which will be implemented in the X-T3 firmware in a few weeks.
  16. Thread removed...user error. Moderator: Is there a way to remove a post/thread that a person started?
  17. FYI: The front command dial has a "button" function in which PRESSING DOWN on the front command dial changes it's function from one "option" to the other (as selected from the menu)...it has caused me confusion in the past, so I'm sure as well for others. I use the front command dial for exposure compensation only (top dial set to C). My front dial does "exposure compensation" ONLY (via auto ISO), and nothing else, and where "pressing in on the dial" either turns on the function (Exp Comp) or nothing at all (prevents accidental changes). -Peter
  18. My update: I purchased a Peak Designs strap for my newest Fuji last month and found that this strap came with thicker anchor attachment cords and will not slip thru the eyelets using the wire/dental floss trick. These cords are thicker than the first two I received with earlier purchases.
  19. Very simple solution here: Cut to the 3 minute mark in this video. Simply put, you first feed a piece of slim wire through, loop the peak design attachment loop though, and tug it through. There is NO NEED to remove the inner collars on the camera eyelets.
  20. the same battery saving tips online for X-T2 will apply to x-T20.
  21. ensure you have "Pre AF" set to off. That's a battery killer. There are other battery saving tips out there...including in these forums. You should be getting about 300 per.
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