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  1. 35mm f1.4 !!! It's a lens of historic proportion, truly a signature Fuji XF flagship design. Just absolutely spectacular. Dive in and have the magic. Then expand and try others. B
  2. LR won't let you access that with a JPEG because it knows the corrections are already applied. RAW should allow you access to the corrections. B
  3. I love my X-E1. You will too. I recommend shooting JPEG "fine". Generally you can leave it in "P" auto mode by leaving aperture set to auto and shutter speed set to auto. Also set your ISO to auto. If you have a lens that does stabilization like the 18-55mm zoom for example, then set your auto ISO settings to minimum shutter speed of 1/30. Set the max ISO to 3200 or 6400 at night if you must. Regarding film simulations, STD Provia is a good go-to. I also like "S" Astia quite a bit. I also like to set DR to Auto for general travel shooting. Brad
  4. I recently got the 27mm pancake to add to the 18mm and 18-55mm. The 27mm is simply astounding, a very useful focal length, tremendously sharp, makes the camera SO compact and light. I'm getting tons of use out of it. It may be the cheap one in the XF collection, but its performance is stellar. B
  5. Here's a night shot from my car, handheld at 1/6 of a second. First shot is the crop to see edge sharpness and impressive lack of motion blur. B
  6. And here's the same waterfall shot cropped way in. I'd say that the OIS in this 18-55mm XF lens is astounding. This is handheld at 1/15 sec! X-E1, likely Astia. ISO 1250 - shot at 18mm. B
  7. I just got the XF 27mm F2.8 lens last week. On my X-E1 I must say, it's absolutely impressive. I find the focal length to be perfect for so many things, general walk-around, people, street, and more. I find mine to be stunningly sharp, just amazing. Autofocus is very quick. It's tiny and lightweight. Bokeh is pleasing. Rendering is nice, perhaps not "magical" like some faster primes but has nice dimensionality, excellent color and contrast. For the moment, it's my favorite prime, all things considered. B
  8. Don't underestimate the awesomeness of the XF 27mm! It's got a LOT going for it. VERY useful focal length. As sharp as can be. Tiny. Fast focusing. It's a real gem. B
  9. This was my first time taking the Fuji X-E1 into the mountains. These were shot with the Astia film simulation, auto white balance. Lens is XF 18-55mm. Loveland Pass, Colorado - July 10th, 2016
  10. Is there a way that Adobe Camera Raw can be updated to make Lightroom 4.4 perform better with Fuji X-Trans RAW photos like we see in the newer versions of Lightroom? Thanks, Brad
  11. The X30 to this day (June 2016) is still my #1 most recommended compact camera to those who ask. It's got so much going for it. The small sensor only penalizes in very low light. Other than that, it's images are often on par with far pricier, larger-sensored compacts. It's simply a wonderful camera that for many people would be the perfect, one-camera solution. I can't say enough great things about the X30. Worth every penny. B
  12. When you hit the Q menu and look at the bottom row flash symbol, is it simply the lightning bolt, or is it "auto"? Try with just the lightning bolt. That should force the flash to flash when it's popped up. Also consider the list of items above that can prevent the flash from flashing. B
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