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  1. I have the same issue with the 35 f2. when I change to the good old 18 f2 I have no problems with AF in same light conditions... Im not happy about the 35f2 even in bright sunlight It hunts a lot!
  2. I have some black frame issues in single shot mode (still frame) No issues in 3 or 8 fps mode. sierial: 61M05....
  3. Mine xpr2 only heats up by using single shot mode (still frame). It doesnt even get warm in 3fps or 8fps. Also have Issue with black frame in single shot mode
  4. - Camera heats up fast even without radiotrigger on top! - I had 2 times black frame between shots in Single shot mode : see video
  5. Just got 2 times a black frame. Single shot (1fr/s) with 35f2 and 18f2. The camera heats Up fast. Even sd card got warm after 15min. Didnt took burst. Shot RAW + jpg Fine in 2 sd cards, lexar 2000x sdhc II and Samsung pro+ sdhc I with original Fuji battery
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