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  1. And these versions are sharpened in Photoshop with the Plugin: Double USM 2 sharpening. No weird artifacts, but darktable reigns supreme again. And LR and C1 do not differ much, I see a slight win by C1 over LR.
  2. Dear All, Compared C1 version 11 with LR CC (7.4) and DarkTable 2.4.4. All sharpening and other stuff was disabled. Darktable has the option to choose demosaicing algorithm, so i choose Markensteijn 3-pass (bit slower). The files were directly exported to 16-bit uncompressed TIFF's. And compared side-by-side at different crops in ACDSEE. Here are the results:
  3. Use the Metabones SPeedbooster Ultra with aperture ring for Nikon G and the Zhongyi M42 Lens turbo II. Have most of the fast old nikkor primes and a lot of great M42 lenses. The Zhongyi surprised me in good way. It rockks with the Helios 58/2, Fujinon 100mm f2.8 EBC and the Carl Zeiss 180mm f2.8 Sonnar. The Metabones SPeedbooster Ultra is just a tad sharper. But be carefull with using long telephoto lenses on the Metabones. My 400mm f3.5 Nikkor vignettes like crazy on the Metabones. The Metabones makes some of my old nikkor primes render nicer and sharper than on my Nikon Df: especially the 20/f4 ai, 35/1.4 ais, 55/1.2 pre-Ai, 85/1.4 ais, 105/2.5 ais, 105/1.8 ais, 180/2.8 ais and 200mm Nikkor Q f4
  4. The 100mm f2.8 E-series is unbeatable for the price. I use it on the Metabones Speedbooster ultra. And for that extra reach buy an old 200mm or 20cm Nikkor-Q f4.
  5. 105/2.5 nikkor with adapter (preferably a speedbooster or zhonghy) the 105/1.8 ais is even better Samyang 135/2 in an FX mount (Canon or Nikon) with adapter. 55/1.2 nikkor with adapter 100mm f2.8 Fujinon EBC M42 with adapter Helios 58/2 on Zhonghy speedbooster
  6. Dumping Adobe for Capture One? Such nonsense. Learn to use the tools right and Adobe LR and PS produce stunning results.
  7. 90mm i use f5.6. 56 1.2 also f5.6 (but only if ISO permits; not when in studio or under controlled lighting conditions of course).
  8. I just use the jpegs (i shoot sequential raf to sdcard 1; jpegs to sdcard 2) stepsize 1 is smallest focus increment. 10 the largest. Try to focus on the front part of the subject and start with stepsize 5 and 3 shots. Analyze the results and interpolate/guesstimate the needed stepsize and number of frames.
  9. Photoshop isn't that good with stacking complex images. Also Helicon Focus give three different stacking methods (aka algorithms) PS The images
  10. Works like a cherm also with the MCEX11 on the 90/2 and 56/1.2. Needs some learning of stepsize and number of frames needed. But when merging/stacking in Helicon Focus it works 100%. First one handheld (30frames;5stepsize) | Second one tripod (100frames;2stepsize). https://www.rapfotografie.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-07-14-19-17-32-C-Edit.jpg https://www.rapfotografie.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-07-03-19-45-23-C-Edit.jpg
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