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    yep yep, I know. 
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    orifeous reacted to Vidalgo in That 35mm f1.4 magic in other Fujinon lenses?   
    As a speculation.

    18/2, 35/1.4 and 60/2.4 should to share the same rendering, or to be similar enough.

    - These lenses were designed at the same time, probably by the same team, from same materials (glass, coating, etc.), and produced on same machinery. Even packing boxes are too similar.
    - These lenses shares the same focusing technology, Fuji call it ALG - All Lens Groups /are moving on focusing/.
    Quote from official web pages:
    Apart from marketing, it is also a kind of info of rendering.
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    Apricale - Liguria - ITALY
    Fuji X-Pro2
    XF 14

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    orifeous reacted to EddieX in Which lens to throw off my roof?   
    The 56mm, but before you throw it from your roof, please let me know your address.
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