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  1. photoalby

    EF-X8 on other Fuji

    Many thanks Mengsi!
  2. Hi All, from what I could understand, the little flash of X-T1 is not compatible with other camea of the system X , is that correct? Thanks for answers..
  3. My tribute in Camargue 2014 om X-E2 Jpeg Velvia simulation..
  4. photoalby

    Canon 135mm f/2 on Fuji

    Nice compo and Bokeh!
  5. photoalby


  6. photoalby

    Tamron SP500mm F8 Cata...

    Aswald, if you already have the lens I think buying the ' ring it's worth it...
  7. photoalby

    Tamron SP500mm F8 Cata...

    Or Onion
  8. photoalby

    Fuji Flowers

    X-T1 with Tamron Sp500mm f8..
  9. photoalby

    Tamron SP500mm F8 Cata...

    Today shot..
  10. photoalby

    Tamron SP500mm F8 Cata...

    Yes Maurice is the one ... I took with a small tripod Benro 1/1000 , unfortunately the undergrowth in low light forced me to use iso 6400
  11. photoalby

    German Trains II

    With X-T1 & XF 23mm : With "little" X30:
  12. photoalby

    Tamron SP500mm F8 Cata...

    Aswald, you can view a shot to a rabbit in the gallery.. I have two adapter, one for Nikon mount - Fuji and another for Tamron adaptall Nikon..
  13. photoalby

    Glacier Bay, Iceland

    Beautiful colours!
  14. photoalby


    Dedicated to the world of trains ..