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    28mm lens

    Size-wise, how are you finding it compared to something like your 2.8 AIS? I might be getting an X-S10, and since I love 28mm, this would be of interest.
  2. I was literally about to buy this camera for use with a Laowa macro lens, but if it can't be used with a desktop stacking app, then forget it. The support page for C1 21 shows a clear delineation between what Fuji considers "tether-worthy" cameras and those that aren't...including the X-S10. Foolish choice on their part; and I'm not bumping up to an X-T4 just to tether. My other candidate is the Canon M6 II, which can tether w/ live-view. As can Nikon's Z50.
  3. Hi. Thanks. Nicely written and thoughtful blog, btw, and great shots. I don't yet own a Fuji body, and was waiting for this lens to be released before diving in (28mm is my favorite.) The thing is, I've currently got a Canon EOS R with an adapted EF 28/2.8, which is actually smaller & lighter than the new Fuji. The Fuji's faster, of course, but I don't really need the speed, and was hoping for a more discreet setup. So maybe the f/2 Fuji is for me. When I looked at your comparison, though, I first though those were corner-frame comparisons. The fact that it's the center is a bit of a concern. (If they'd only make an X100 with a 28mm equivalent, I'd be set.)
  4. I gather he doesn't like pixel peeping, but that small comparison with the 18/2 is telling, regarding the IQ step-up in the new lens. (I'm wondering if he vignettes in post, as both lenses show quite a bit in some shots.) Despite his enthusiasm, even he seems a bit leery regarding the size of the lens. I'm surprised Fuji didn't recognize the use-case people like myself have for this focal length, and updated the compact f/2. I'm afraid if I bought this new 18, I'd end up leaving it in the bag.
  5. For stills, this would be a fantastic, if pricey, upgrade from my X-T1. But my real interest is video. While the footage looks fantastic (indeed, as it did/does with the X-T2), for practical use the camera dies the death of a thousand cuts: no zebra or waveform, reportedly unimpressive AF, lack of headphone jack, record times limits, file spanning (Fat32 4GB limit). And in the Cinema5D overview, a number of flat out bugs that, while hopefully fixable through firmware, don't inspire much confidence. And then there's the ongoing lack of updated lenses. A nice feature of the X-H1 is the though put into silent operation; ironic, given the noisiness of some of their nicest lenses. If I were to buy for video, it would probably be and X-T2 with grip (much cheaper now), but most folks who've gone that route have moved on to other brands.
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