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  1. DSCF0633.jpg by turgeon76, auf Flickr
  2. Just 2 drops with 2 flashes and 2 different flash syncs - made with fujixt1 lights by turgeon76, auf Flickr
  3. Some macro high speed water drop photos. Setup Trigger System, Fuji XT1 MCEX-11 2xNissini40 Lens 55-200. Photos reworked in LR. Drop by turgeon76, auf Flickr Greensplashby turgeon76, auf Flickr
  4. Hi, i'm Christopher from Germany BY, and owned a Fuji X-T1 with some lenses e.g. 16-55 2.8 32. 1.8 . My journey and evolution to the final system was very hard and long. Focus on Highspeed Macro Photos, Studio and Landscape photography
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