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  1. Snow Birds over Toronto XT-1 55-200mm @ 140mm 1/1000th sec f8
  2. John2


    Thanks Kate. Sorted.
  3. John2


    Fairly classic behaviour.
  4. Same here. I have the lens and have used it with both the X-T1 and the X-T2 with excellent results. However I soon learned that a tripod is not necessarily the answer because even with a high end carbon fibre tripod there is still a lack of stability unless I use a remote and a tendency for the lens to "settle" after framing the image. Not good for bird photography for instance. So I now use it with a bean bag or hand held given the excellent 5 stop IS performance with a much higher keeper rate. This was the X-T2 hand held at 580mm FL - 120th sec @ f9 ISO 400.
  5. John2


    Commmon Grey Heron caught in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia X-T1 plus 55-200mm @ 200mm
  6. John2


    An opportunity shot. Replaced the BG because it was too busy and I liked the character in his face enough to think it worth while. XT-1 18-55mm.
  7. Longing X Pro1 60mm 1/60th sec @ f16 ISO 800
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