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  1. I think you're underestimating how much infrastructure is required in order to serve a photo repository to a bunch of photography forum nerds! This whole website likely sits on a server with less than a few gigabytes of space available to it. Also, the software that this forum runs on is not specifically catered to photography - it's a generic forum software called IPBoard, which is used by many online forums. It's much better to leave the hosting of images down to third parties such as Instagram or Flickr. If you upload your photos to Flickr, you can click the share icon and then choose the BBCode section to copy the appropriate code to paste into a thread here. Alternatively you can host your images on somewhere like Imgur and get the BBCode in order to paste.
  2. What travel regulations are you referring to that specifically affect travellers between UK and US and vice versa?
  3. Some shots where I'm pleased with the rendering.
  4. Why are people still griping about this? Oh I forgot, this is the internet and we're on a forum for a specific interest. Carry on as you are.
  5. OLED is susceptible to burn-in. It's irreversible.
  6. I hate to break it to you, but Blackberry encryption is worth nought. Leica have fallen far from the tree with regard to camera design, even hardcore Leica fans can agree on that. Their ergonomics are terrible. But then again, Leica fans bicker over the red dot so less said about them the better. Apple. Google. Both companies that arguably have horrible design. Google can't even stay consistent. As has already been mentioned in this thread, and also by Fujifilm themselves no less - this camera was designed so that you can operate it without having to take your eyes from the viewfinder, and with one hand supporting & operating the lens controls. The current design encourages that. I think you have a valid point with regard to placement of the AF-L / Q buttons, however there really isn't anywhere else they could've put them without affecting the way users hold the camera when 'idle'.
  7. oscillik

    Type C

    Wrong. I have a Nexus 6P phone, which is barely a year old. I have taken care of the phone very carefully, yet after nearly a year of using the phone (and the daily charging required for it), the port is incredibly loose. It is not the cable, as I have numerous Type C cables, all of them sold directly by Google. I am also not the only one with this problem. USB Type C connectors are not as physically secure as many make out.
  8. Some of us have eyesight that is so bad that the diopter correction is inadequate.
  9. Eclipse is, essentially, rubbing alcohol.
  10. X-Pro2 has only USB 2.0 X-T2 (which supports tethering) has USB 3.0 and therefore has faster transfer speeds. This may be a contributing factor as to why Fujifilm would not backport this feature to the X-Pro2, as it would cause internet nerds to froth at the mouth due to not being the same speed as the X-T2 despite having similar specs.
  11. The sensor in the X-T2 is the same one used in the X-Pro2...
  12. You're probably in DR Auto mode. Change your DR mode to 100%, and that should sort you out. edit: just saw that you're not even getting SS even when half-pressing shutter release. that's definitely not normal. sounds like you need to factory reset.
  13. The paint job on the X-Pro2 is also pretty expensive, while the X-T2 doesn't have the same paint job.
  14. So I just called Fuji UK again today, quoting part number BB24156-100 and they still do not have this part available. They've kindly offered to send me one in the post if they can procure one from returns, etc. However I have suggested that this issue be raised with corporate or something, as there is clearly a problem with getting hold of these and I'm sure I will not be the last one to lose one of these.
  15. I've just called Fujifilm UK support and they have confirmed that the Sync Terminal cover is required to ensure proper weather sealing. They don't have the specific one for the X-Pro2 (which was a flat terminal cover) but you can get a cover kit for the X-T1 which would work (part code CVR-XT). I found one on Amazon for £4.99 The above cover kit doesn't work, as the X-T1 has a screw-on cover whereas the X-Pro2 is a push-on one.
  16. I'm not sure why everyone is confusing the sync cover with the hotshoe cover. They're completely different things, and menphrad makes it completely clear what he is referring to:
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