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  1. Hi, Has anyone tried the above combo? What do you think?
  2. Thanks for all the responses, really appreciate the efforts. Well again, it's a tough decision to make, after reading all your valuable inputs, i'm still leaning towards 16mm, because, on top of all the wonderful qualities that you all have described it has, its also WR! I'm planning to use this lens whenever i go hunting for landscape photography, which sometimes is out of nowhere, and sometimes the weather can change quickly (at least, in where i live ) , so probably it makes more sense to get this over 10-24, sigh ... don't you wish Fuji would design a WR 10-24 as well?
  3. Hi all, i need help. I want to cover my wide, and i'm torn between these 2 lenses (tough dec). To be honest, i'm leaning towards 16mm, then i'll use my legs as my "zoom" what do you think? Which one should i get and why? Thanks.
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