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  1. But Pro2 has classic chrome simulation that Xpro1 lacks which is a very filmlike looking simulation.
  2. I also wonder if it's a better idea to use a camera with a big EVF such as the X-T2 as manual focus must be easier when you have a big VF compared to a smaller like the X-Pro2
  3. UGH, sounds like a a lot of work
  4. Cpl of questions 1. As it does not have any electronic connection with the camera, does it mean I won't be able to see the aperture number on the display? 2. Is it a bad choice for street photography as it's a manual lens? You can see what kind of shots I take https://500px.com/filiphermelin 3. Is it near impossible to nail focus on moving subjects? What's the technique you would use?
  5. Hmm I didn't know that. Well then it's a not a benifit with the ND filter against for example my old X-T2 that can shot up to 1/8000sec @ f/2 (I believe).
  6. Max shutterspeed on the x100f is 1/4000 sec but if I shot iso 200 on a bright day with aperture f/2 and AUTO shutterspeed, it only goes to 1/1000 and the image gets overexposed when it should go higher to get a correct expousure. Why does it stop at 1/1000. I mean I can use the built in ND filer, sure but I shouldn't have to. The other solution is to dial in correct shutter speed manually but I just want to shot with LOW ISO and lets the camera decide shutterspeed for correct expousre it self.
  7. The huge size difference between the 35 f/1.4 and 35 f/1.0 isn't worth the small DOF difference you get IMO.
  8. If your subject is not anything moving it's worth consider a OIS lens as well, such as 18-55 or 10-24 as you can shot in very slow shutterspeed and therefor also low ISO. For example. This is shot handheld in 1/13 sec so I only had to go up to ISO 1000
  9. She used to be a ballet dancer and that’s her husbands mosaic she is taking photos of.
  10. X-T3 - The most competent and complete camera of the 3. This choice for the professional. X-E3 & X100F - Smaller, more portable and discreet. This choice for street
  11. The X-T2 was a more competent camera with more dials. I miss some of them. It had dedicated metering dial, shooting setting, Much bigger viewfinder, flipout screen and weather sealing. And ofcourse you could switch lenses. The x100F is so much smaller and lighter and it really makes me wanna bring it with me and shot more. 2018_0916_16405700 by Filip Hermelin, on Flickr
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