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  1. Thanks for sharing. I shoot equine and high school sporting events either inside or at night with low light. I never have gotten very good results with the 55-200mm but have gotten better results with the 50-140 f2.8. I think the extra light makes the difference and also IMHO the 50-140 is a sharper lens. Still it is a load to carry around. It looks like the haze was a problem too. Images are murky which is not a typical Fuji problem. Maybe someone else will chime in and let us know exactly what is going on. Thanks again for sharing. Very pertinent issue for me.
  2. I'm so happy with my 60mm on the X-T2. Really sharp and creamy bokeh. Got it on eBay for low $300s US. Best value for X system right now in my opinion. Only con is slow AF but good for everything except moving subjects.
  3. It's interesting (and fun) that there are so many varying opinions on the best lens kit options. I have the 18-55 and 35/2 and use them both. The 18-55 is my tourist lens and, sometimes, my video lens because of the IOS. But the 35 f/2, in my opinion, has a more beautiful subjective quality about it. Better bokeh when shooting up close for example. The other lens I added recently which is my new favorite is the 60mm f2.4. It has this dreamy bokeh and is incredibly sharp. Granted I have to start early in the morning if I want it focused by noon but still the resulting images are worthy. I also got it on eBay for $310 so it was a great value. It's great for us that virtually all of Fuji's lens are excellent!
  4. Another Texas convert...congrats! I switched from Nikon to Fuji this year. I got the 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 10-24mm, and I really like the 35mm f2 to make my x-t10 into a "tourist" camera. I live in the Texas Hill Country and loved photographing the wildflowers and great weather this spring. Enjoy!
  5. Got xt10 in January and have loved it so much I'm selling my Nikon D7100 and all my lenses. Except my macro lenses which I'm using a meta one adapter. Reasons for move... Smaller, equal to superior quality, and man it looks and feels so cool.
  6. I split between EVF and display depending on what in shooting. If I'm wearing contacts I always use EVF...otherwise I have to put readers on to read screen. When I'm wearing glasses I switch between EVF and display. I use the display exclusively for bright sun and the display for low angles, discreet shooting and nighttime photography. Having choice is one of the best things about my Fuji system.
  7. My first post...just thought I would chime in on using Metabones adapters with Nikon lenses on my Fuji X-T10. I'm in the process of switching from Nikon D7100 to Fuji X-T10 and while I love Fuji lenses, my Nikon macro lenses (Nikon 60mm f2.8 and Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro) are just better than the 60mm Fuji. I also have a 11-20 Tokina f2.8 that I use for astrophotography. Since macro and night photography usually require manual focusing, using an adapter is not a problem. I have the more expensive Metabones adapter with the aperture ring included since some of my original lenses were DX and did not have a aperture ring on them. The adapter will work with both types. Just set the lens at the smallest aperture and let the adapter ring control aperture. Attachment is easy and the lenses are reasonably balanced on the camera given it is so small. I use the collar on the adapter to attach to my tripod and/or monopod. I've adapted to focus peaking and can focus them quite well, especially at 2.8. Images are fantastic! The metabones adapter was definitely worth the money ($139) because it allows me to stagger my Fuji lens purchases into the future while still having nice quality lenses in the meantime.
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