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  1. no matter what. Fuji x pro 2 is not WR. I got water into ISO dial, now when changing temperature too quickly it gets foggy. At photokina Servis said, body is ok, but if I will have problem in future I have to send it to service.
  2. During last year trip to Schwarzwald, I took several pictures of my buddies and their way how they protect their gear during rain.
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  4. #anbaric #Adam Woodhouse Thanks for the info. I will stick with CS6, and slowly find replacement for it. I still use Aperture for organization so I'm out of luck no matter what. Everything is in cloud and I do not like it, I still have 4Mbits internet connection
  5. well you can buy the camera now, just do not pay the full price. I get mine and payed 1480 euro. As you know this dealer is happy to sell 100 cameras with a discount, then fight with online shops. Price will drop no matter what.
  6. Hello Can anyone share experience with lee filters on x pro 1, 2 which version of the lee system do you own? Are there any OVF view restrictions? or do you use screw in filters only. I'm interested in Grad filters, ND, Polarizer
  7. @milandro -got it. @cugExcellent, this is what I needed. Now, I understand much better. It is difficult to visualise the system just from the internet. -I will be getting only 16mm and 35mm, zooms I had with my Nikon Dx 70-300, 18-70, 12-24 Tokina, and basically I used only wide angle Tokina, filter vignetting caused I shot around 14, and 16mm most of the time. I do not care about the video, most likely, go hero will have 8K very soon, and lets see what iphone 7 will bring. I have tested a dealer and have an offer 1500 euro for xpro 2. Which is quite correct in comparison xt1 in 2012. -I like your prediction, Completely agree with them.
  8. hello guys sorry to bump into this conversation. I'm new too fuji, and realised the format is RAF. I do use CS6 photohop only and I have all updates to date. How do you post process RAF? I can not open them in Photoshop for some reason. Even my camera raw is the latest. I'm forced to convert them to dng.
  9. thank you very much for the information. Check the shops but I guess BH photo is still on top of the list. we have only one fototrade.com
  10. In Europe there is not a strong market. Even Leica's main market is China and USA. No certified service all is shipped somewhere else. Where do you shop in Texas? BH photo?
  11. - for some reason there is a new rule regarding return policy. Including Amazon.de you must pay return shipping and fees are calculated for handling. I bought a lock from pacsafe (23 euro), but it is too big. I wanted to return it and Amazon calculated 13 for shipping, and 8 euro for handling. Great !! I'm looking at this website purnimadigital.com to buy camera. Where do you shop?
  12. - we have to follow forums, and read as much info as possible. Problem start, when companies website have information like this. Sample photos are simulated images.
  13. I wish we had such a possibilities in Europe. It is expensive here, 21 % goes to state and yet we do not have service like that. If something brakes we have troubles to get it repaired. My nikon needed service, I had to ship it to Netherlands. and it took them 3 moths to repair my camera. Sony has the worst service ever, they left my laptop sit in their wear house 2 months and did not repair it at all. How is Fuji's service btw?
  14. -You can sit on couch in stores before you buy and they also let you try clothes but cameras is another story Most of the time they are behind glass or in windows. Resellers do not open boxes with expensive cameras and if they do they will not allow you to take photos, because they want to sell them. That is why I shop online. Brandname bothers me the most. I hate it on Nikon, and that is why I will not buy Sony a7. On Mercedes you have only Logo It is just matter of preference. I guess I'm boring.
  15. it is confusing. I like the range finder, I do not want DSLR, I have D90 and Im glad I sold my D700. I want to go light, In my opinion, Fujis website is badly designed. I will have to take a trip to Photokina this year.
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