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  1. Macheros, Michoacan, Mexico March 2018
  2. gussie

    Fuji Ballcap

    I just got an email from Ebbets Field Flannels, advertising their new ball caps. Imagine my surprise when I saw our camera's manufacturer listed. Thought I'd share :
  3. I went with the 'normal' - definitely sufficient for my needs. Ken Rockwell states that the "APD lens adds a non-removable dark-edged filter inside the lens next to its diaphragm. Otherwise it's the same lens as the original the Fujinon 56mm f/1.2. This filter helps improve bokeh wide-open, but also loses some light. It doesn't make this an f/1.2 lens with a smooth aperture edge, it becomes the same as an f/1.7 lens with a smooth, instead of hard, aperture edge."I figured the extra bokeh wasn't worth the $300 increase in price.
  4. Good stuff. You've inspired me. I'm looking forward to trying my old Nikon AIS 55mm f2.8 Macro out... I'll post when I get some proofs.
  5. I just got my new 56mm yesterday, got to try it out this morning. Pretty happy with the swirly bokeh in the second photo. Thought I'd share....
  6. KVDK: You seem to be up on this - I'm wondering if you can help a newbie (to the FujiX, anyway. So new, in fact, that my XPro hasn't even arrived!) I have a Canon FD 35mm f2, the old heavy one with the silver/chrome nose and some lens element yellowing, I'm assuming from the thorium haze associated with these lenses. Should I adjust the white balance on the XPro when I use this lens, or should I consider 'clearing' it? Thanks for any help
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