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    jesenovec reacted to MiMA in Looking for a lens to get 'real' 35mm   
    Get the Fujinon. It's one of best lenses I've ever used so far regarding IQ. Old lenses with  f/1.4 don't exist if you're planning adapting a 'vintage' lens.
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    jesenovec reacted to adzman808 in X-Pro1 to X-T1 migration worth it? Lens turbo + MD glass   
    The MF focus aids on the XT1 are far superior than the XP1, choice of peaking colours and also a split screen thing and zebra patterns
    I get better results using adapted (Pentax) legacy glass on my XT than my XP1 too (I find the XT files a bit more contrasty, which helps on the legacy lenses I own... Obv YMMV)
    The EVF is far superior as well, not just that it's bigger, but in terms of lag too
    The XT1 also has the electronic shutter, which goes up to 1/32000 but you can run into problems with certain lighting (not natural light) and moving subjects
    I can't answer if you'll be happy losing the RF style, 'cos that's personal!
    The only thing, and it's a bit subjective, but I much prefer AWB on my XP1 than I do on my XT1, but FWIW I tend to use a WB card anyway (when I do this on the XT1 it sometimes adds 1000 kelvin to what the camera has selected.. On the XP1 it's more like a 200 kelvin difference)
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    jesenovec reacted to milandro in Request: X100S/T Crop mode framelines (42,50,65)   
    Well, it’s an idea. One like many others.
    Some would like it and some will hate it. 
    there are people out there who will like a square sensor (which naturally makes the best use of the image circle of a lens) ultrawide, always sharp even as a lytro, and then you crop and crop until you get what you want.
    This idea might have merits, just not for me. 
    I suspect that the base and stronghold of the Fuji users is represented by more elderly photographers ( at least judging by the personal pics which many here use as their avatar) and those, in my opinion,  would not be, generally, too interested.
    The younger Fuji users on the contrary might take to this concept.
    Who knows? It might work.
    Personally, I like cameras with interchangeable lenses and use zooms if I need that kind of versatility.
    Like is a Supermarket, we are all in it and chose different products.
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    jesenovec reacted to milandro in WTB Mitakon/Zhongyi Lens Turbo Minolta MD - Fuji X   
    you better post in the classified adverts section which is specially made for buying and selling
    There your ad will stay visible, otherwise this will be buried under plenty of other posts in just days.
    Good luck!
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