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  1. Well I loved my X100s so much that I decided to get the X100T. Just wanted all the refinements the T offers. So in the end the x100s and X30 will be sold. The 100T and Pro1 will stay. But I will always have that X100T, it's become my favorite camera ever. And I've had a lot of cameras.
  2. I second that. Was thinking the same thing but you beat me to it.
  3. And you need help with your decision......why? Based on your criteria the only reason for you to get an X-P2 is impatience. Not a good reason to drop $1700 IMO. :-)
  4. "if the camera feels right a decent snapper will make great pics , I really do believe that" I agree completely, and no you're not mad...of course that's just one man's opinion. Years ago I felt that way about my Nikon F2. It just felt so right, and the sound of that shutter was something magical. It made me want to shoot. Then along came all these digital SLRs. Nikons again, D70s, D200, mechanical devises to be used but not to inspire. During this period I longed for a camera that gave me that feeling I was missing and found it when I went back to film in the form of a Leica M6. I loved, loved, loved that camera. This tiny brick, built like the proverbial tank, it made me want to shoot and I made some great images with it. And I discovered I really liked rangefinders. Enter Fuji. When I bought my X100 I was hoping it would be my digital Leica. And indeed I must say I enjoyed using it much more than any other digital camera I ever had. I even upgraded to the S as soon as it arrived. But it did it have soul? Not for me, though it is one of my all time favorites. For these past few years I always looked at the X Pro 1 but never could pull the trigger...until recently. Thanks to the X Pro 2 the lowered price of the 1 made it impossible to ignore any longer. I haven't had enough time with the XP1 to say if it will rank up there with those other cameras I mentioned, but it certainly looks promising. So no, you're not mad...at least no more than the rest of us I'd assume.
  5. A wedding in Positano Italy...different town, similar terrain.
  6. How about a picture?.......please?
  7. I have a X100S. I was thinking about upgrading to the T. Nothing wrong with the S I love it. But the T seems to to have been....refined. And since I love my X100S so much that's why I wanted to upgrade. Then the XP2 came on the scene and the XP1 is now available NEW for $499. I felt it was too good to pass up. So I ordered one from B&H and a used, condition 10, 35mm F1.4 to go with it. Love it. However I already knew I wanted another lens, and in my Nikon 35mm film days the focal length I used the most was the 21mm wide angle. I absolutely loved that lens. That translates to the FujiX 14mm. A little pricey, but Henery's up in Canada has them on sale. The sale price along with the favorable currency exchange rate allowed me to get that lens for $527ish USD. (Compared to $899 from B&H). The lens is arriving today. So that's what I did, your mileage may vary. That focal length is great for landscape photoagraphy but also gives very interesting perspectives on close-up subjects. It is just a lot of fun to shoot with and I can't wait to do just that. It's been years since my Nikon.
  8. It's a high quality, pocketable piece of kit that you could have on you at all times. I like the form factor. I already have an X100S, XP1, and an X30. I'd still like to have this camera. Hopefully therapy will help.
  9. This little beast is killing me. I want one!! But how many Fuji's can one man have?
  10. I went to Italy this past October. I took two cameras. An X100S and an X30. Next time I would only take the the X100S. my 2 cents, and worth every penny :-) Have a great trip! Hope you and your wife get to Positano. One of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. (Even if a bit touristy)
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