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  1. I realy love the 23mm on my x100s and I hope that Fuji retains the focal length for the X200. I would love if they updated the lense, so that it is more on par with there 23mm f1.4 IQ wise. Thise combined with the new 24Mp sensor and PRO processor in the X100 forme factor is for me the perfect camera. Oh and WR of cause
  2. @Antony: It would seam that way. Unfortunatly. Maby I have just become use to the Apple model, where we get a free OS update every year, and running improvements. It is a shame that Fuji have decided to change there Kaizen approach to there X100s/t customers. http://weshootfuji.com/2016/01/29/fujifilm-kaizen-where-art-thou/
  3. Dear Fuji (and every one else who has an opinion on the matter) Please, please, finde a way to fit the ACROS film simulation onto the EXR Processor II. ​I absolutely love my X100S, and have taken it with me to Japan, Minneapolis, the top of Kilimanjaro and every single party and family gathering sins I got it. The only thing I have been missing has been a good BW Jpeg mode. I have on several occasions gone shooting with a friend who owns a Leica camera, and has been envious of the BW Jpegs he has been able to pull straight out of he's camera. I may be a Fuji-X fanboy, but i think that the X-series is absolutely the future of still cameras. If we can just get the ACROS film simulation on the EXR Processor II, I would be so happy With my deepest admiration Caspar Facius Denmark
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