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  1. viv

    The Embrace

    Three more. The monochrome with the three gentlemen is most interesting. The two on the side are consoling the man in the middle while they appear to pray.
  2. Thanks for your comment. I tend to pass the raw files through irridient and then into lightroom for more detailed adjustments.
  3. The monks were on phones but unfortunately I couldn't get that shot. I was in Chengdu - one of the more attractive Chinese cities - but missed the pandas.
  4. Taken during a recent trip to China, Sichuan Province, Emei Shan - a buddhist place of pilgrimage - using my X100T.
  5. These pictures of couples, taken with an X100T are related to my project 'The Embrace' (thread in People). My favourite is of the two old gentlemen sharing a joke.
  6. viv

    The Embrace

    In China X100T
  7. viv

    The Embrace

    Here are a couple of shots where I missed the embrace. They failed with respect to the project. But I think the sentiment is still their even though the form is not.
  8. viv

    The Embrace

    Thanks for your comment. I do agree.
  9. viv

    The Embrace

    I'm working on a project titled 'The Embrace'. Tough to get good captures. X100T proving to be a good tool for this purpose.
  10. More people contemplating Art
  11. absolutely open. would love to see how others approach the topic. viv
  12. viv

    Staged photographs

    Nice B&A conversion
  13. I recently purchased an x100t. It re-fired my passion for photography. During my travels I have been taking pictures of people contemplating art in various galleries and museums - hoping to capture something deeper within them.
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