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  1. Dropbox decided to kill all the links to the public folder, they all should be back up now Sorry, I was away some months from the Fuji community... tried shooting an A7... now I'm migrating back to Fuji
  2. oscillik: don't know about the XP2 as I've never used one. The XP1 changes it automatically (and Fuji writes here that the XP2 does too)
  3. Old news, the XPro1 had the same feature. The magnification is also set automatically depending on the focal length: lenses with 35mm+ use the high magnification, lenses wider then 35mm the low magnification. Hint for the 27mm pancake: The camera chooses the low magnification for this lens (on the XP1, don't know about the XP2) which results in quite small framelines. You can use the higher magnification setting manually, you'll loose the framelines but the whole window shows pretty much the same view the 27mm captures.
  4. Not true at all. Perspective distortion depends only on distance, not focal length. You can make a test, put a camera on a tripod, shoot a frame with a wide-angle lens, change the lens to a tele then shoot another frame. Take the first frame and crop it to the same framing as the tele shot. I can guarantee you that both pictures will have the same perspective. A 23/24mm on an aps-c sensor will look completly identical to a 35mm on full frame (depth of field will be different with the same apertures though).
  5. There is no penalitly regarding the focal length, as the whole lineup of lenses is focused on the aps-c crop factor. Fuji put up a prime lens lineup equivalent to 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm (propably soon x2), 40mm, 50mm (x2), 85mm, 90mm and 135mm. No need to think in ways of "oh, my 50mm is now equivalent to a 85mm". Also the x-trans sensors put out a hell lot less chroma noise then every bayer sensor I've ever seen (FF or not), regardless of raw converter. Normally a small amount of chroma noise reduction (around 1 to 15 in LR or CaptureOne) gets rid of it completly. I don't care much for the luminance noise as the noise pattern looks pleasant to me (before Fuji I've shot only film, I absolutly detest chroma noise and I like grain). High isos are still very detailed and sharp, there's no banding at all.
  6. What do you want to shoot with it? It's not the best lens for landscape where perfect corner to corner sharpness matters (it relies heavily on software distortion correction*). Otherwise it's a fast and small lens perfectly suited to documentary, street, photojournalism style. Nice rendering, smooth bokeh, sharpness-wise it's perfectly fine from wide open. It has some problems with chromatic aberrations, it may be not well suited if your favourite photosubjects are tree branches against bright sky It focuses fast (although it's a little bit noisy compared to other and especially newer X-lenses) and it's very flare proof (you can leave the hood at home, the only flare it cuts down are rare situations where a strong light source shines directly in something like a 80° angle on the front element). This lens' biggest problem are pixelpeeping armchair-testchart-brickwall-photographers *if you're using a raw converter which lets you control the applied correction, you can even use this as an advantage to counter the stretched-head-wide-angle look in the corners some snapshots with my 18mm: f2 near distance in seriously low light f2 near-medium disctance in slightly better but still low light f4 medium-far distance in low light f4 near distance in ok light f5.6 far distance in ok light
  7. Viewfinder magnification change maybe? There are 2 magnification settings (one wide, one narrow), they normally change automatically depending on the focal length of the mounted lens... but you can also change them manually. For manual changing the magnification on the X-Pro1 flip and hold the viewfinder-level for around 2-3 seconds, I don't know about the X-Pro2 The 35mm framelines in the normal magnification setting are filling most of the viewfinder window and would be quite small in the wide setting (which is fitted to be filled by the 18mm lens).
  8. Hi guys! I tweaked some of the Scottie Wang profiles so that they are more in tune to the OOC sRGB jpgs of my X-Pro1. I used the CaptureOne 9 color editor, so they are fully C1 v9 compatible. The XT1 sRGB versions were the most similar so I took them as base profiles, but all of them needed some tweaking. My Provia profile is based on his ProNegStd profile as Provia & ProNegStd have the same contrast curves (his Provia simulation was too dark in the shadows). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74627717/camerastuff/FujiXPro1-Provia.icc https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74627717/camerastuff/FujiXPro1-Velvia.icc https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74627717/camerastuff/FujiXPro1-Astia.icc https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74627717/camerastuff/FujiXPro1-ProNegHi.icc https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74627717/camerastuff/FujiXPro1-ProNegStd.icc https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74627717/camerastuff/FujiXPro1-ClassicChrome.icc The Velvia profile is still off, it's hard to get it in the right ballpark. For the others: there are some differences but I find them much more similar to the OOC color rendition then before. Of course I wasn't able to check the ClassicChrome profile as there's no such thing for the XPro1 Use the Film Standard curve & enjoy To use them with other Fujis, rename the files to your specific model.
  9. I went for a lower saturation, higher contrast look in CaptureOne Your picture is perfectly fine, only needs some postprocessing
  10. Download it again, I updated the file, it should work now. The "UniqueCameraRestriction"-tag was wrong. The correct one for the X100 seems to be "Fujifilm Finepix X100", not "Fujifilm X100" (the other X-Series cameras don't have 'Finepix' in the name)
  11. Cameras with direct viewfinders aren't well suited for longer lenses, as the parallax error will kick in pretty hard (even with corrections). You can't frame 100% accurate with direct viewfinders, that's just the nature of the beast. Expect to use the EVF 95% of the time with the 56mm lens (also the X-Pro1's EVF isn't as good as the EVFs of later Fuji cameras). If you're a Rangefinder/direct-optical-viewfinder-camera type of person, working mainly with 28-50mm equivalent lenses, mostly stopped down, with a documentary, snapshot style kind of shooting where accurate framing is less important then being able to see outside the frames and having no blackout during the shot: You'll like the X-Pros OVF. If you're a SLR type of person, shooting a lot with 50mm and longer equivalent lenses wanting accurancy in framing and being able to see the depth of field; you'll propably find the OVF pretty useless. Coming from DSLRs you'll find the EVF propably way more comfortable and useful then the OVF. Pozdrowienia z Berlina
  12. Thanks for the feedback I did a slight revision of the V5 version (when building the profile, I started 5 times from scratch over a couple of days... each version had several revisions). I now pushed the reds more into orange, this should get rid of the magenta tone Hector highlighted. There are many subtle changes to hues in the genuine CC profile. It's hard to get them all right, as colors are interlinked. Change one hue und different other color tones can turn bad. I know for a fact that some slight blue tones are different in my profile compared to the original. Download V5.1 here: EDIT: for links, see first post in this thread As the earlier profile, it's based on the X-Trans-I sensor. But works quite well for the X-Trans II (it seems that the base color characteristics of both sensors are very similar). I don't know how it will look applied to X100 files. Thanks to my friend Nico Janssen for supplying me with tons of OOC ClassicChrome photos + their RAW files.
  13. I changed the 'uniquecamera' parameter to X100S here: ClassicChrome X-E1/X-Pro1 Homebrew version for X100S It's the same profile as above, only enabled for the X100S; I don't know how it will look, as I brewed my version based on the first generation x-trans sensor. I tried my version on X-T1 files and it looked very similar to the genuine profile, so it should be ok.
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