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  1. I'm also a little bit tempted to get a silver 23mm F2 to go with a black X-Pro2 just because it looks cool and it's weather-sealed. But do the math - that's almost enough to buy two X100-whatever, and weighs a bit more too.
  2. Here's a quick size comparison for you interest and also for anyone who's considering the XE2 and waiting for the new XF 23mm F2 rather than getting a X100T right away. From Matt Granger's sneak peek the 35mm F2 is quick close in size to the 23mm F2;
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  4. Hi, regarding the new 23mm F2, perhaps you may want to join the discussion on http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/2241-xf23mm-f2-rumors/ Several points I would like to add though: 1. The X100 series is a lot more compact due to the short flange focal distance i.e. the lens is closer to the sensor. 2. The X100 series has a in-lens leaf shutter, which allows very fast flash sync. The caveat is it can only go up to 1/1000 at F2... To use 1/4000 you need to stop down, which is very counterintuitive. And that's why it also has a built-in ND filter 3. The X100 series has a built-in hybrid OVF-EVF (which is also featured on the heavier X-Pro series but not XE) 4. I've tried a X100 demo and it feels more solid than the XE2 (which feels slightly hollow) 5. The X100 series has a classic one-piece baseplate design which the XE2 has a split baseplate (which doesn't feel as nice) I'm also looking forward to this lens because I do shoot XE2. 6. The new 23mm F2 will probably be weather-sealed when you use a matching weather-sealed body, not sure if the new X100 successor (although we've been asking for that) 7. The new 23mm F2 is very likely to have internal focusing mechanism, thus allowing faster auto-focusing 8. Macro capability of the new 23mm F2 is unlikely to be on par with the integrated lens on X100 though, making it a less versatile lens on a more versatile body That's all I can tell for now.
  5. I don't mind if they copy that from Leica X Typ113 or Leica Q... That's probably the best implementation I've seen, way better than the clutch mechanism... Albeit that lens is bloody humongous
  6. That depends a lot on the grip design - the cameras that you have mentioned have integrated, sculpted/ curvy ergonomic rubber grips. If the X100T successor were to feature a full metal chassis like X70 & X-Pro2, it will also feature a rubber grip but it will be the plasticky piece you find on these cameras. If Fujifilm wants to stick to the Leica-ish design, it will come with the same faux leather wrap...
  7. The ability to turn off the rear LCD during shooting yet able to automatically switch back during image playback? That's a missing feature that was once featured in older cameras, I believe.
  8. See it this way, isn't that also the fun part of photography?
  9. Although they aim at different target audience groups (just like the X-Pro2 & X100T), I presume knowing the MK II would very likely feature a 24MP sensor and all the bells and whistles from X-Pro2 would make some want to wait a little bit longer and ultimately harm the sales of the current product. I believe that's also the case for some that are struggling to pull the trigger to get an X100T (myself included). If X100T, being X70's closest cousin, is being replaced by X200, I can imagine people would really think twice before adopting an X70.
  10. True indeed, it is more important to have a refined evolution of the X100 than a half-baked product. But seeing what they have achieved in X-Pro2, I'm pretty convinced they have adequate time and technology to do what it takes. It's just an updated X100T would be a marketing disaster for the still-new X70.
  11. The X100T has been around for quite some time now. Despite being a decent camera, it is starting to its age. The 16mp sensor is one good generation behind the current 24mp chip, the EVF is not exactly class leading... Nonetheless after seeing what the X-Pro 2 can do, one must wonder how much an update to the X100 range can achieve. Having waited for so long, I think it's high time for Fujifilm to release the successor to the throne of the most beloved compact camera in order to satisfy our gear lust. I would like to take advantage of this forum to have a petition for the long-awaited X100T successor to be released ASAP e.g. by Photokina; and I seriously think Fuji should listen not only to the x shooters but also their general customers.
  12. In fact I was not aware of the same menu issue on my XE2 till you mentioned it. Might have got used to all these Fuji quirks already LOL. I will try to find a X100S in good condition if it's a good bargain, but thanks to the Fuji durability, warranty is mandatory i.e. better to get something brand new from any high street store. By the way how's your experience with the TCL? I've got a 32mm F1.8 Touit already so I may skip the converter unless it's worth it.
  13. Hi Paul, I just wonder if the light leaks from the controls rings, the faux lens barrel, or the gap between the actual lens barrel i.e. the black plastic barrel and the decorative faux lens barrel? Perhaps you should let Fuji know this design fault so that they can redesign the lens. I was seriously considering the X100T before I came across to your post, perhaps I should think twice now. Cheers, Boris
  14. Oi mate, have you tried the new colour split screen focusing system? How does it compare to the previous monochrome split screen?
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