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  1. I have both and suggest that if you can afford to keep them both, you should do so. I thought about selling my Pen-F when I got the X100V since I mainly shoot with Fuji cameras, but the Pen-F is such a cool camera that I can't quite bring myself to part with it.
  2. A RAW file doesn't get changed into JPEG, the camera creates a JPEG from the RAW file, and then both the RAW file and JEPG file are stored on the SD card. If you load the RAW file into your computer, it will be the original RAW file, the camera won't make any changes to it.
  3. Just updated my X-T3 to 2.0 and it reset all of my settings.
  4. I'm using Luminar 2018 now, along with Lightroom Classic, but when they come out with Luminar 3 next month with the DAM, I'm pretty sure I'll be making the switch entirely to Luminar. No more Adobe subscription for me.
  5. What I've had happen is that in manual mode with Auto ISO, the camera will occasionally grossly overexpose. Usually it will just be 1 or 2 shots, but yesterday I had a whole series of shots that were way too overexposed. Shooting in very bright sunlight, 1/1000 sec @ f8, the camera set the ISO for one shot to 10,000! It should have been 200. After a dozen or so shots like that, it suddenly straightened itself out and started exposing normally. FYI, I shoot a lot from the hip so I can't check exposure as I'm going. That's why I tend to rely on Auto ISO, although it clearly isn't always dependable. It may be time to go full-on manual and set everything, including the ISO, myself. I do wish that "automatic" was more "automagic!"
  6. I have both and I'll keep both. The IQ of the 1.4 is special, especially on the X-Pro1, but it is a bit slow and quite noisy when focusing. The 2 is faster, the IQ is quite good, though maybe not magical, and it's the lens I use on the street when I need the faster response. Decide your main use and then pick the lens that works for you. Or better yet, buy them both!
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I think it's time to get my X100 and X-Pro1 out of the dry cab and give them some love.
  8. I have relic guitars and I like the look and feel of them. They feel like an old broken-in guitar, warm and comfortable to play. I wouldn't mind a relic camera, but I wouldn't dare to try to do it myself because I'd probably break it or something. I think I'll just wait for mine to "relic" naturally.
  9. I'm interested in the X200 but only if it has the same 35mm eq. lens as the previous models. Anything else and I'll stick with the X100T.
  10. I like it! I have guitars that have had the "relic" treatment so I understand the appeal.
  11. I have both the X-Pro1 and X-Pro2, and while I certainly intend to do some comparisons, I haven't had time to do so yet. Also, I unfortunately don't have access to a beautiful model like you do, so I'm not sure if or when I'll ever have a chance to do that Pro Neg comparison of skin tones. But I'll definitely keep that in mind should the opportunity ever present itself.
  12. You have to hold the trash button down a few seconds before pressing the command dial.
  13. Even though I have the X100T and the X-Pro2, I still have, and intend to keep, the X100 and X-Pro1. They're too much like old friends now to just get rid of them.
  14. Mine is working fine. And it seems to focus faster on the X-Pro2.
  15. It happened to me once in the beginning. I put in a fresh battery, went through the menus and made all my settings, and turned off the camera. When I turned it back on all the settings had reset. Hasn't happened again since.
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