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  1. Thanks... will read those articles. I shoot video and stills and lenses that rely on correction in certain software that does not exist in others are problematic.
  2. 18mm f/2 – I was going to buy this, until I tried one out and found its optical quality disappointing. Fujifilm, PLEASE bring out an update to this lens very soon! The 16mm is too wide for regular use, for me. 23mm f/1.4 56mm f/1.2
  3. On Assignment: Mum for Fuji http://strobist.blogspot.com.au/2016/01/on-assignment-mum-for-fuji.html A Miss • Eye Relief. And to clarify, this is a miss for me, personally. It is the only caveat I would give to someone considering an X-Pro 2, and it applies only to eyeglass wearers. (Like moi, natch.) The viewfinder is tight with glasses. Yes, it has a variable diopter (dial-in kind) and that in iteslf is a big progression from the X-Pro 1. Usable with glasses, yes. But a tight squeeze. And worse, in Tokyo I saw on public display the (rejected) prototype X-Pro 2 that included a physical lens-dialing diotper that would have given me sharpness and eye relief. I crumpled into a ball on the floor. (Why...) We strongly considered it, explained a nearby engineer. But it was too easy to change the (physical lens-dialing) diopter inadvertantly as you pulled the camera out of your bag. So we went internal. Oh. (sniffle... snot...) Okay. So, a miss for me—and a caveat for you, if you wear glasses. But I understand. Mostly.
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