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  1. Could you explain why the icc profile has a colourSpace at all please? If you're working on RAW files, I thought the resulting output colourSpace is assigned later in the rendering pipeline i.e. via soft proofing before displaying on your screen and when setting your colourSpace in the process recipe. I thought an icc-profile assigned in the Base Characteristics tab processes the RAW data independent from a colourSpace. Thanks Tom
  2. Hi again, My question might have been missed so I'm quoting it here again. What colourSpace should one use for the output profile? The original profiles were available both for Adobe RGB and sRGB. These new ones seem to be all Adobe RGB except for the monochrome ones. Is that correct? Thanks
  3. Hi there, Thanks a lot for this update! What exactly is the colour space of these profiles? The Dropbox folder is named ARGB so I assume these are in Adobe RGB. The Monochrome profiles however are labelled sRGB so I assume that's their colour space. Can you advise please? Many thanks, Tom
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