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  1. I think the Berlin is nice but to big for street. I would grab that color if they had it for bowery
  2. hi I am going up to street foto and San Fran and need a good bag for my trip and workshops . The ona Bowery seems the best . I can't seem to find any reviews on comparing the leather vs canvas versions . Do you guys have any opinions who have them. Is the canvas easier to use ? Which colors did you choose and what do you think? Thanks in advance
  3. those knobs are ugly... if its a 2 it better be as good looking as the 1... or better.
  4. What about for strobist stuff? And street photography? Which w ould you guys get?
  5. trying to decide between these 2 is killing me.
  6. I cant decide between the 10-24 and the 16 mm 1.4 fuji lens. I have the xt-1 and x-70. As well as the 35m1.4 and 18mm f2 . I would really like a zoom but I also really want the wide low light capabilities of the 16. I do a wide variety of shooting now. Landscape, Street, Portrait, but i also want to get into more night shooting of downtown los angeles and the urban architecture and life and low light shooting. So i am pretty torn on which to go for. I am fairly new to photography and some people have told me that the 10-24 is really go in low light because of ois but I have no idea. I need to decide sometime today. Thanks for your help guys.
  7. Which flash speed lights are actually compatible with FUJI? I am looking to get the best ones right of the bat to avoid 2 purchases. I heard the nikons were the best but can i not use all the features? What do you suggest?
  8. ya just trying to decide if its enough for long exposure shots downtown on the beach because of stability.. I was leaning toward the 3lt or sirui because of price and carbon fiber.
  9. So I am trying to order a bag and tripod today. It's between the 3 legged think Rick vs mefoto road trip aluminum and bag that fits them inside. What do you guys think ? What do you use? How's the stability for long exposure shots? I'd really like the tripod to fit in a bag for portability . I know several bags fit them, any suggestions? Anyone used the amazon basics case?
  10. I bought a xt-1 for 800 perfect condition. 35 1.4 for 450, 18mm for 283.... now I'm just looking for the perfect backpack case that can hold all of this and the best tripod to fit it. If you have any suggestions let me know.
  11. inside of which think tank does it fit?
  12. The think tanks seem good. I am looking for something to hold. Fuji Xt-1 2-3 lenses. Maybe a flash. A tripod of some sort would be nice and a macbook . Any suggestions. I have been needing a backpack for a while now anyways. Stylish is a plus.
  13. You would even buy them if they were in "like new" condition. I am to paranoid about spending 100's on something thats messed up. I got a brand new 35 1.4 for 450 . Now looking for a good deal on an 18mm
  14. I got the XT-1 just trying to decide between the two 35mm lenses and if i should buy used or new.
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