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  1. I picked this up and have been testing. The assembly looks a bit frankensteinish but seems to serve the purpose. I agree with CatAreGods comment on this maybe being unnecessary under some circumstances. I am pretty happy with it from the standpoint that it lets me balance the entire camera/lens/teleconverter assembly much better over the tripod mount. That will come in handy with windy or other challenging conditions.
  2. I’ve had some pretty similar results. I’m leaving use of the 2x for use on the tripod. I’ve had fairly decent luck with the 1.4x handheld but only using an ibis equipped body.
  3. I’m giving this item a shot as it will mount easily on an Arca Swiss head. I’ll report back on how it works out.
  4. Thanks, I’ll dig into this and respond with my final solution.
  5. Anybody have some ideas for a tripod support for this? I’ll be using it for moon photography combined with the 2X teleconverter and don’t feel confident mounting that combo from the camera only. Thanks
  6. Can it be remapped to a different button?
  7. I upgraded the firmware on my X-E3, something I usually wait to do but am leaving on a trip so took the chance/opportunity. Turned on the unit and noticed that my EVF and LCD screen both pulse bright to dark and back while the shutter button is pressed halfway. Is this some new feature that I am just clueless about or a bug in the firmware?
  8. I just did a river cruise down the Rhone. 13 days with a different stop, or stops, everyday. Loved it. I took my X-E3, 18-55mm and 27mm. With rare exception I got every shot I wanted and ended up being happier with faster lenses. I own both the 55-200 and 18-135. I thought I would be sorry I didn’t take one of them but I wasn’t. Almost no weight, easily hung around my neck or wrist. It turned out to be a great combo.
  9. I would offer some caution on the Cactus system. I just purchased the V6 II transceiver and the RF60X flash......no hss on my XT2. I've watched 30 YouTube explanations and followed Cactus forum steps to perfection. Still no hss. Now looking for another answer.
  10. The new firmware update added this as a feature. Just scroll your way through view modes and you can get back to the setting you are used to. This confounded me for a week.
  11. Exactly the same dark stripe here. I've been using 1/200 and not really missing anything as I adjust flash strength and aperture as I go. I also shoot tethered so I get a truly good look at results immediate.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'll RTFM again and get myself educated.
  13. I've been shooting my X-T1 for a couple of months and am totally delighted with it. I feel I'm missing something when it comes to both command wheels. They are useful during playback but in shooting mode the back wheel only adjusts aperature when a non-ringed lens is mounted. The front wheel only changes P settings when lens and shutter speed are set to A and ISO is not set to A. Am I missing something here or are there two nice pieces of hardware that don't really do much? I love the controls of the camera but it feels like Fuji missed an opportunity with the wheels.
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