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  1. this is from a recent photo shoot with my much loved Fuji X-T10 in Hackney London
  2. store my camera, lenses and other photographic gear in my chest of drawers when they are not in use. I have filled the top drawer with drawers dividers you can get say from ikea . This way I can store all my lenses in one divider, batteries and sd card case and cleaning gear in another divider, and camera in another and so on with leads filters etc. The chest of drawers naturally needs to be sturdy and strong, but it's a way of keeping dust of your gear, it keeps it allvery neat, easy to access, and because chest of drawers used for clothes etc are ventilated it's won't get mold. Finally it keeps them safe. A rule of no drinks on the chest of drawers needs to be enforced so to avoid any tragic accidents. It might sound a bit OTT but it's worked for me for years and I love how easy I find this system when looking for any particular piece of gear. Hope this helps.
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