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    WalterH reacted to fleckintosh in Capture One Pro 9 Film Simulations incl. ACROS   
    Lightroom has very exactly Simulations, that is right. But Lightroom also has a very big downside in Details and Microcontrast, as we all know. I was never satisfied with the output of lightroom, thats why i switched to Capture One Pro!
    I wonder, how exactly the profiles have to be. You never klick just on the profile and export your image. A lot of settings are also adjusted, so you move away from the "original" OOC look, right?
    I use the profiles just as a starting point and adjust some parameters afterwards to my taste. So I NEVER end up with the exactly OOC look.
    This profiles are made in reverse engineering and are not official supported by Fujifilm. As you maybe know, Fujifilm is all about wonderful colours and they will never give an exactly color profile to anyone. That is a big secret
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