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  1. Ok, so there is a "one-click" (LR) with other limitations. But that's my point: we are in a world of compromises. I'm making no claims about "bad" anything. I'm noting that you've posted repeatedly about how other people's excellent and utter voluntary (free for you) work falls short (for you.) Yes, I've seen you voice appreciation too but your posts tend to reach beyond observation of difference toward criticism of these free, creative efforts. It's an internet tone thing - can come across as a bit unkind.
  2. +1 I'll say that I happily use these simulations as a starting point for my raw files and work the image from there. I've no need for you to provide us with an exact replication of Fuji OOC look. These establish a fantastic baseline! Another inquiry into X-T2 versions for 9.3? ;-) Thanks again.
  3. If you need one-click solutions, there's a great one called Fuji OOC jpegs. Sure, you might not get the full latitude of the raw file, but gosh, you'd have things be exactly as you want them otherwise.
  4. The update isn't showing up via the C1 pulldown menu, but if you go to the downloads section on their website, you are all set.
  5. Thanks for these - really, immensely. Not to sound ungrateful... Some of us now have our XT-2's and with C1's 9.3 now available, will you be adjusting these profiles to be used in conjunction with my XT-2 RAF's? Hope so. They are the only first-tier profiles I use. Essential to me. They work wonders. Thanks.
  6. This is just stunning. I've relied upon your previous Profiles and these (from what I've seen) only improve. Thank you! Particularly, I appreciate the lightened shadows of the X-Pro2 CC profile as my one lament has been the heaviness of the shadows of earlier CC profiles. So this is so great! Also, if folks are having any crashing or hanging issues once the profiles are loaded, make sure you are on the latest version of Capture One. Solved it for me.
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