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  1. I have done some tests using 2 Cactus V6II transmitters to trigger my Nikon SB800 off-camera. In TTL mode and with the X100F in aperture priority, I did manage to trigger the flash. The sync speed is quite low (1/34 sec) but similar with the builtin flash. I didn't manage to trigger the flash mounted directly on the body nor with one transmitter in between. The leaf shutter causes weird timing issues. On the other hand triggering the Nikon flash off-camera as a slave of the builtin flash did work (use the commander mode).
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. As I wrote, using the built-in flash at higher shutter speeds (in manual mode) for fill-in works perfectly. I keep the flash settings in the X100F menu selected as TTL. But I am less successful triggering my off-camera flash (I own a Nikon SB800). From one picture on your website I notice you were using a YN-560iv connected with a cord. With the Elinchrom I assume you use their own brand wireless transmitters. What about the pictures with caption "YN-560iv ... Godox AD360 ... far right"? Are you relying on wireless radio transmitters (which ones) or optical using the X100T in commander mode?
  3. Hello, I am currently investigating the behaviour of the Fuji X100F in High Speed Sync (HSS). I am able to sync the built-in flash at speeds up to 1/1000 sec without problem at various apertures. In aperture priority mode the built-in flash syncs at 1/34 sec (quite low). Are others seeing the same values in the Exif? The X100F is listed has fully compatible with Fuji EF-X500 flash unit that supports HSS. Is anyone using this combo? Since no HSS is listed in the menu of the X100F how is it achieved? The recently release Ver 2.0 firmware is expected to "Improve radio flash controller usability The upgrade allows users to shoot with compatible third party studio flash in high speed sync. or TTL mode via their radio controllers." Anyone using his X100F in HSS with a radio controllers and if yes which equipment? Thank you,
  4. What are the view mode settings? did you verify whether the captured image isn't displayed in the viewfinder? Use the "View Mode" button to switch between the LCD display and the viewfinder.
  5. on mine (firmware 1.01) there is only a very very limited shift at each half-press ; I could not see a difference in behaviour depending on the different assistance modes.
  6. Compared to my X-20 (maybe on other bodies as well) the Q-menu button has now moved to the upper right position, nearly under my right thumb. Often when I grab the X100F and bring the viewfinder to my eye, I discover that I have hit the Q button. I know I can lock all these buttons by depressing the menu button long enough . But I wonder how Fuji engineers did not notice this when testing the design of the body?
  7. did you check if the Q menu doesn't show up in the viewfinder (LCD disabled)?
  8. Currently the digital teleconverter is only available in jpeg only modes. According to the documentation of the Leica Q, the 'trim' feature (that's how they call it) of 35 mm and 50 mm is available in all image modes. The DNG (raw) however contains always the full 28 mm view + data indicating the trim value. It would be nice if Fuji would adopt a similar approach (to be included in a future firmware upgrade) and allow the teleconverter to be used in jpeg+Raf modes.
  9. Hi everyone, I acquired a X20 shortly after its release. The idea was to always have a camera in my pocket. Still very happy with it. I have been tempted by other X models but unfortunately they are too bulky for my pockets. I am following the fuji rumors since a long time. I only registered recently to follow the X-PRO2 stuff.
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