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    lauriebrett reacted to rpkphoto in Fuji X-H1 – Your Opinion   
    The X-Hi has lots of great features, but suffers from size-creep; how many models from now until Fuji's flagship camera is as big as a Canikon?
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    lauriebrett got a reaction from routeswest in X-T2 / KAIZEN wishlist   
    5x4 aspect ratio in camera.
    Highlight exposure mode.
    Extended long exposure times e.g. 1 minute, 4 mins, 16mins, 60mins.
    Hyperfocal distance option for function button/s.
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    lauriebrett reacted to bradsarno in Wishlist for X40   
    Other than the obvious issues relating to a smaller sensor and shooting in very low light, the X30 is spectacular, will be quite valid for a few more years to come. My wife shoots one and constantly gets asked what camera she used for her photos she shares. She's even been offered a wedding gig based on the image quality, and she's an amateur. The X30 is just stunning. I still think it's perhaps the best compact camera out there. I'd pick it over the RX100's and LX100 and G5X, for a number of reasons. It may not win every category over these larger-sensored cameras, but the whole experience combined with the stunning image quality has it at the top. I'm still waiting for a better compact camera option to come out. 
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    lauriebrett reacted to jlmphotos in X-T2 / KAIZEN wishlist   
    I would love a 5:4 crop in addition to the current 3:2 crop.  I just love the look of those files for some inexplicable reason.
    This can be done via firmware and, if it's anything like my D800e 5:4 mode I will lose some megapixels - on the D800 it goes from 36 to 30 so I would anticipate the 24.3MP would drop to 20?  My guess.  But I would love that crop... Both in JPEG and RAW
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    lauriebrett got a reaction from PaulN in Aspect Ratio   
    Please Fuji, would you add the option to set aspect ratio to 5 x 4? It's my favourite format especially for vertical landscape shots. Of course I can crop it in post but it would be nice to be able to compose precisely in 5 x 4 at the time of releasing the shutter.
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    lauriebrett reacted to Larry Bolch in Get the 56mm f1.2 lens or wait for the 50mm f2?   
    Or go for the 60mm which is also available. It will not do just a single eye in focus unless you are extremely close. I am far more concerned about that part that is in focus, rather than that which is out, but people do frequently praise its bokeh. It has great sharpness wide open which only gets better when stopped down a couple of stops. Its close focusing ability and flatness of field are to be appreciated. With the long range in macro mode, it is not one of the fastest to achieve focus, but a half-press will pre-focus eliminating the issue. (Develop a pre-focus habit and I am sure the f/1.2 problem would go away as well.) As a short telephoto, it is easy to use and very handy—lightweight and compact. Above all, it is highly affordable. 
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    lauriebrett got a reaction from quanto in Contrasty EVF?   
    Had my xt2 for 2 days and loving it. However the EVF seems very contrasty compared to the xt1. Tried manual brightness instead of auto, and tried different film modes, still seems contrasty. Anyone else finding this? Is there something else I've missed in settings?
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    lauriebrett reacted to Hermelin in FUJIFILM will develop an XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens   
    Would rather see a "budget" UWA lens to go with the 18-55 f/2.8-f/4 
    Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. /uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png"> Maybe something like 10-18 f/4
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    lauriebrett got a reaction from Dr.Nipun in X-T10 firmware update wishlist   
    Firmware update wanted is for the camera (all X models) to retain a manual focus setting when it's switched off - or powered down on standby. I find it most frustrating that I have to reset hyperlocal distance every time the camera is switched off. Anyone know of a solution to this?
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    lauriebrett got a reaction from CRAusmus in Filter reflections with XF14mm f2.8   
    I've taken a few using the black tape solution. It seems to have done the trick although since the tape is a bit shiny, I like the sound of the adhesive velour or felt, so I'll be looking for some of that. Might as well avoid paint to preserve the lens value.
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    lauriebrett got a reaction from yukosteel in Filter reflections with XF14mm f2.8   
    A few images taken using the Lee filter system (full size) on my XF14mm lens have featured a curious semicircular artefact. I thought at first it was flare but on closer inspection I've realised it is reflections of the lettering on the front lens flange. An example is attached - I've bumped up the contrast to make them more obvious.
    There is (hopefully) an easy fix to this. I've applied some black tape to cover up the white letters. Checking through there EVF this seems effective but I'll try it on my next shoot and see how it goes. I haven't seen the problem with my other Fujifilm lenses (18-135 and 35 f1.4).
    If anyone has encountered it before I'd like to hear their experiences and fixes if appropriate.

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