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    My first Fujifilm camera arriving today.

    My two X100 series cameras (S later converted to IR) and F changed my life, photographically speaking. I went from an occasional shooter, mainly on vacations to a photo nut. And I love it. I'm always thinking of where to go and what to shoot next. I don't always use the manual dials and buttons but when I need more control, it is so easy. It is even better when you customize the settings. I use ND and ISO on the front and Flash, WB, and Film Simulation on the back ring plus the quick focus button and magnify button. I never use the Q button for anything. If you enjoy yours even half as much as I enjoy mine, you will be thrilled.
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    My first Fujifilm camera arriving today.

    Welcome David..enjoy it
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    Fujifilm X100F ISO 12,800 (Yes. That's correct!), 1/50 sec, f/4.0, Handheld, Available Light from LHS Window
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    Here is one from Rügen, Germany f/11 - 60" - X-T2 Schwanenstein / Rügen by Sebastian Warneke, auf Flickr
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